Monday, June 28, 2010

Poll Results: Who Would Win? - Zords #1-3

Dragonzord - 113 of 145
Mecha Godzilla - 32
Rita sends the Dragonzord to Tokyo Japan where Mecha Godzilla is attacking and the Dragonzord makes chop shuey out of the grey robot.

Quantasaurus - 87
Tyrannosaurus - 60 of 147
Qunatasaurus is accidentally sent through time portal to meet the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and makes mince meat out of it.

Daijinnryuu - 115 of 147
Serpentera - 32
Daijinnryuu finds out an usurper had been taking its image and giving it a bad name as a wedding carriage and loosing energy. So, Daijinryuu dives down to the moon and kicks Serpentera's butt, burying it in the sand---thus, weakening it enough to be destroyed by the Wild Force bike.


Brandon M. Baker said...

I like the wild force bike reference.

Anonymous said...

well i have to say, the first mechagodzilla would lose to dragon ceasar, but Kiryu would easily beat dragon ceasar, and dont called dragon ceasar dragonzord

Mugen said...

Well, we talk about Dragonzord, not Dragon Ceasar. As seen with Daijinryuu and Serpentera ( and various other polls where people meet their counterparts ), they are considered different entities. You know, like the Original Megazord being a mighty robot, but Daizyujin being a God. But yeah, Kiryu would turn Dragonzord into slag...
Oh, isn't Chop Suey Chinese?

Mr. Smith said...


I call it the Dragonzord. Why? Because I can :P

Lavender Ranger said...

Chop Suey is the joke.

Mr. Smith said...

I would like a better scenario for the Dragonzord. Like Tommy is on vacation in Tokyo, Japan and sees the Mecha Godzilla recking havoc. Then he summons the Dragonzord who then turns Mecha Godzilla into chop suey :P