Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Movie Stuff and Gosei Wonder


Kabuto, Crocodile, Elephant, Dolphin and apparently the bird is an eagle but it's called Gosei Bird.

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Anonymous said...

the gosei kuwagata looks funny

Mark said...

...Now, this is just silly. The zords outnumber the children in Japan by now!

Mugen said...

Well, not really.

You know, all thew possibiloities for "Head on a Stick" Jokes aside, GroundGoseiGreat's weapong really reminds me of GouRyuujin's. Must be "the tail and chestplate forming a staff" thing...Looks nice!

As for Wonder:
Again Alata gets some Extra. He seems to attract Headers...You can probably leave him somewhere and come back an hour later with him being covered in Headers...XD
If is true that those Headers are supposed to form their own bodies, not borrowing them, Kabuto really could have formed a Body fitting his/her head. It just looks not right, color-wise. Also seems that name-wise, Kabuto is the odd one out aswell...and also is the only invertebrate anong the vertebrates...
Dolphin looks kinda evil. Could have made this one an Ichtyosaurus. They have vertical tailfins like sharks, as opposed to the horizontal of whales and dolphins. Seaick also lacks a Saurian so far...
Crocodile reminds me of Carrygator in a good way. Elepahnt fits pretty well.

Nice to see that Irian is in the movie aswell. Hope that she is voiced by Yukana again ( I'm a Fan of her voicework, favourite role would ber Raramon ) and given that the Warstar Monsters are rumoured to get human forms, maybe even played by her.

Anonymous said...

is it okay if I ask a random question?
what with the dressing up "teamup" thing? I've seen maybe 2 or 3 pictures but never have I watched it or even heard of it before. what is it? (is there anywhere I can see it? lol ^^)