Thursday, June 3, 2010

Voting Results: My Fan Film Project

It is time to come clean. Before I found out Saban was adapting Shinkenger, I decided (with my degree in TV Production) to do my own fan film using Shinkenger footage but not call it 'Power Rangers' because of copyright infringement. But I had already bought a lot of props and equipment already and decided not to go through with a Shinkenger adaptation because of new developments (i.e. Saban adapting the series). I am not connected in anyway to Disney or Saban, I am just a fan like everyone else. I did some polls on this blog but did not reveal the results or their real intention.

Also recently I got a comment from this fan: Sebastien Pitches
said, "You are forgetting the poll for the Shinkenger as Power Rangers. .... [Also] maybe even think about YOUR idea for a Shinkenger and Goseiger adaptation. These are just some examples I'm not demanding you, just you may want to consider it one day." I have edited this comment and cropped it for the main idea pertaining to this topic but did not alter the original meaning of the commenter.

Best Name for Shinkenger as Power Rangers?
This was before we found out Saban would be back and he would be doing Shinkenger. I actually asked this question for my own fanfilm.
Samurai Strike - 187 of 215
Eternal Samurai - 42 votes
Team Samurai - 30 votes
Forever Samurai - 28 votes

I want to make a Power Ranger Fan Film, should it be based on...
Shinkenger 124 of 196
Goseiger 72 votes

So since I decided not to use the Shinkenger footage because of the new developments. I decided to do Dairanger and for a number of reasons. I could have done Jetman or an older Sentai, but since I already had team jackets for red, green, blue, pink and yellow and I didn't want to buy a light blue one, white one and black one, as I have such a low low lowest budget imaginable. Also, since we are using the Dairanger footage, I decided to first use one episode that wasn't used by MMPR and not refer to the beasts as Thunderzords. I don't want to discuss what I would have done with the Shinkenger footage until the new PR season started, or maybe even after it ended.

The D of the Dairanger suits should stand for what if it was for PR?
Destiny - 70 of 124
Devine - 42
Danger - 5
Daring - 7

If Dairanger was made into Power Rangers, what name would be appropriate?
Mythical Squad 57 of 127
Mythical Rage 26 (21%)
Daring Destiny 14 (10%)
Defining Destiny 17 (14%)

Daring Legends 11 (7%)
Danger Squad 2 (1%)

I don't like the title 'Mythical Squad' (which was the post voted in the above poll) so I will have it in a new poll compared with 'Mythical Destiny' because I really want the word 'Destiny' in the title to tie in with the 'D's on the uniforms. I am calling them Destiny Rangers. So this is a fanfilm/webisode, and won't be sold for money or any monetary gain, this fan webisode will be posted on this blog for free. I managed to get my friends to be the Rangers, they are not professional actors. So we will start shooting in June, hopefully will be done by August. It will just be one webisode, if it gets a good reception, and I can get everyone back together, then we might do a small web series. Depending on how fans receive it, I might even do some of the Dairanger story arcs.

So what is the plot?
Five descendants of warriors that fought for generation after generation to save the world from manifestation of anger, pain and depression. They were trained in an academy but it has now been destroyed and it is up to them to form a team.


The_Doctor said...

This sounds awesome, I can't wait to see the webisode

Sebastien Pitches said...

Ya know I am proud that you took a lot of time and effort to make this fan fiction and buy the props for the show, that just makes me so happy that one day, we could be a duo OR maybe work for the power rangers, just picture it.

Mark said...

Awesome. So you were actually doing the Dairanger stuff as a secret suggestion box?

It would be neat to hear more about this. Are you going to make KirinRanger a guy or a girl?

Lavender Ranger said...

Mark, e-mail me. As for every one else, I'll never tell, you gotta wait and see! I got plenty of surprises.

Mark said...

Shoot. Oh well, the wait will be fun.

Fantasy Leader said...

Just a suggestion, if you wanted to have two girls in the team, perhaps using Flashman footage would be better?

Lavender Ranger said...

Yeah I know, thanks for the suggestion but I already got the Aura Changers and I only have the Dairanger DVD footage.