Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How elements of Beetleborgs are more accepted than when used in Power Rangers

I noticed how there are newly introduced elements in Power Rangers that fans did not enjoy, but these elements were present in Beetleborgs and fans were fine with it.

Children as Heroes
This show premiered September 1996 and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie premiered March 1997. The majority of Power Ranger fans are also Beetleborg fans, of course there is Beetleborg fans that aren't PR fans. But when fans first saw Justin, they didn't like him because he was a obvious gimmick or ploy to attract more viewers. It didn't matter how smart the character was, I think what happen was that it went against the original premise of the show, that it was 'Teenagers with attitude'. And fans were okay with Beetleborgs being children was because it was the premise and they were okay with it.

Comic Book Effects
The comic book effects (Pow! Bam!) mostly was used for the opening sequence but it was pretty clear the theme of the show. The comic book effects were accepted with fans because it was the theme, about heroes from comic books. For Disney's reversion of MMPR, comic book effects were added. And fans were clearly not happy with these. Because of course, it was adding things 17 years later and had nothing to do with the original crew or the original concept. While the effects on BBBB, it was during when it was produced.

Civilian Powers
From the get-go, the Beetleborgs had powers when they weren't in armor. It is obvious and made sense that the kids, who weren't known as martial arts experts, to have extra powers to help them out fight. In Power Rangers, rangers to have powers outside of their hero forms, Andros, Zhane and Trip had powers (telekensis and psychic). But during te Disney Era, after Ninja Storm, Rangers have powers outside of their Ranger forms. It was touched upon in a past post.


Many fans, not exclusively me, but namely fellow blogger Sean Akizuki believes the Mega Blue Beetleborg/Super Blue Beet was the inspiration for the Battlizers. I think maybe but it looks mostly because of coincidence. But it could be since Beetleborgs ran from 1996-1998 while the Battlizer was first introduced in 1998, so it was feasible. Plex/Bandai America designs the Battlizers and Plex for sure designed B-Fighter. Some fans aren't that fond of the Battlizers because it has the Red Ranger working solo and not as a team, defeating the theme of teamwork Power Rangers stands for. It sort of looks that way too for Beetleborgs but all three got special non-Japanese footage armor for the second season Beetleborgs Metallix.


Mark said...

Now wait, wait, wait. People don't hate Justin because he was a kid, they hate him because the Producers simply brought him in to replace Rocky because they wanted more kid viewers.

They failed to listen to the Brady Bunch and followed the dreaded Cousin Oliver path. It wouldn't matter how smart he was, Justin was a kid brought in just for ratings.

Lavender Ranger said...

Mark, I think that is what I meant but I guess it just didn't come across. I guess I am just tired, been babysitting my nephew, attending my sick mother, and doing my dad's chores since he's in the hospital.

Mark said...

No no, you wrote fine. I just think you were being too sympathetic. I know you like Justin, but personally I thought of him as annoying and too un-kiddish. They could have made it interesting, like if instead of the Blue Ranger, he actually controlled the Blue Senturion(like if they made him a robot).

If they really wanted a kid, they should have used Jetman footage. That way, they could use Blue Swallow, who was rather short. Plus, they wouldn't have that whole "parody" thing to worry about.

Big_Bad_Beetleborgs said...

This is a very interesting entry. I love how you pointed out about the flying "POW" and "BAM" special effects in the new MMPR. When MMPR re-aired in the beginning of this year, I told my friends that Disney made MMPR into Beetleborgs with the comic book theme. I agree of what you mentioned that some of the elements feel much right at home with the respective series. In the case of children super heroes and comic book effects, they definitely fit in with Beetleborgs (not with Power Rangers) because of the initial premise of the series (well actually it was originally going to be only about the House Monsters with no Toku affiliation). Plus, Beetleborgs is a type of show that doesn't take itself so seriously, and that's why it works in favor for it.

Again, this is a very good article. I'm going to post this at the Beetleborgs/ B-Fighter community (along with the entry about B-Fighter Monsters in Power Rangers shows). I'll definitely link the articles back to the respective urls. But if it's not okay, I could always take them off from the site :)

Lavender Ranger said...

Yeah, you can link from mine.