Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mentors and Assistants

Zordon and Alpha 5
The first mentor and assistant we ever saw. In Zyuranger, it was just old magician Barza. No Robot.

Zordon, Billy and Alpha 5
Billy declined being a Ranger (sometimes begrudgingly) and worked as an adviser. Zordon and Alpha continued in their spots. Billy left to Aquitar with a lady love while David left the show after abuse.

Dimitria and Alpha 6
Alpha 5 got a new suit in the sequel movie and Alpha 6 came in it. But when the four Rangers were replaced, Alpha 5 was in his first costume. Alpha 6 had a hip-hop accent that drove fans crazy. Dimitria was Zordon's replacement and mostly asked questions and in the first half of Turbo, it was hinted she was Divatox's twin sister---as they were the same actress in the first half.

Alpha 6 and D.E.C.A.
For In Space, Alpha 6's voice changed thank god. D.E.C.A. was introduced. Zordon was in that season but not as much as before. I think the point of the season was to be sans mentor. Andros did serve a bit as a trainer but he was aloof and separate from the first half. Alpha 6 and D.E.C.A. were just assistants.

Captain Mitchell and Angela Fairweather
Mitchell was the mentor and Angela was the assistant. As humans, they got more involved in the Rangers' lives, it wasn't like they were stuck in the headquarters like Zordon and Alpha. Mitchell was Carter's childhood firefighter hero, his son Ryan was kidnapped by Diabolico, and he was a mentor, but he wasn't perfect. Angela was smart but beautiful and was Joel's object of affection and she slowly but surely fell for him.

Robotic owl was the assistant, there was no real mentor that stayed. They did have Captain Logan but he would only be contacted from time to time for exposition and to say 'no.' He didn't really serve as a mentor.

Princess Shayla
She was their adviser, not really a big mentor. A little bit of a Damsel in Distress. She then turned out to be a fighter.

Sensei and Cam
Senseiw as the mentor, in the form of a hamster and Cam, the assistant--who later became Cyber Cam.

Tommy and Hayley
Tommy became the mentor and Hayley was the assistant. As mentioned before, Hayley came out of nowhere. Supposedly Tommy met her at school. He was the first Ranger to be a mentor.

Doggie Cruger and Kat
Doggie Cruger is a mentor and Ranger, he was also a boss. Tough and loud. Kat was an assistant that had an assistant, a tough scientist and technology expert and inventor. She became a Ranger once.

Udonna and Clare
Udonna was the mentor/ranger and Clare was her assistant. There were other allies that helped. But Udonna was the main mentor. Daggeron did come in when Udonna was occupied as mentor and trainer. Clare later became a full sorceress and was a temporary Gatekeeper, like her mother.

Andrew Hartford and Spencer
Andrew was a rash and petty millionaire and new father. Spencer was his nanny and assistant, helping the Rangers with moral advice, but dressed as a butler as he was a butler. They both kept the secret that Mac was an android. Andrew meant himself to be the Red Ranger.

R.J. and Fran
R.J. was a mentor/ranger when the first mentor Master Mao died. Fran was just a friend and employee of Jungle Karma Pizza but once she found out the Rangers' true identities, she became an assistant to them, letting them now when there was trouble and helping in whatever way she could. Both of them served as comic relief at times.

Dr. K and Colonel Mason Truman
In RPM, they worked in different sectors and for other avenues, other purposes. Both longed to be mentors, in a way. Dr. K was a genius scientist and inventor, she called herself the Rangers' mentor even though she is significantly younger than some of them. Mason wanted his son Scott to follow him.

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