Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Poll Results: What your family and friends think about your love of PR/20th anniversary/female red ranger ethncitity/sentai watched before pr

What year do you consider as the Power Ranger 20th Anniversary?
103 of 195 - 2013
80 - 2012
12 - 2014
Omg, I put 50th! Let me tell you, it has been a long long week. I've worked all week, babysit the baby and other stuff, so some things might go on the wayside.

How much Super Sentai do you watch before the PR season airs? (Inspired by Rangerboard poll)
Watch the whole year - 96 of 171
Informed but I do not watch it - 32
Watch for new suits, weapons, zords - 19
Don't watch Sentai at all - 19
I only watch Sentai - 5

Those of you wanted an Asian Red Ranger, would you be happy if the Female Samurai Ranger be Asian?
Yes - 133 of 185
Don't Mind - 45
No - 7

Your significant other thinks about Power Rangers...
They are a fan too - 72 votes
Support you - 68
Don't care for it - 48
They don't know - 40
Feel sorry for you - 26

Your family members or friends think about your love for Power Rangers...
Understand it - 78
Don't Understand it - 65
Make Fun of you - 67
Like it too or don't know about it - 42
Pity you - 34
Don't know you like it - 32
Typo! I meant to put 'your love' not 'my love.' Can't change it once someone voted!

Your Family members or friends think Super Sentai is...
Japanese Power Rangers - 101
Don't get it - 74
Is just like PR - 70
Surprised it is more serious - 40

Your family members or friends about Kamen Rider...
Don't know it exists - 93
Is Power Rangers - 54
Is a Power Rangers rip-off - 38
Like it too - 33
Respect or like it more than Power Rangers - 28


Luca said...

Meh.. I don't watch PR/Sentai. Instead, I have devoted my life to Kamen Rider and everybody's okay with that because it's a teenage soap opera anyways. However at school I refer to it as Power Rangers (sometimes Twilight) so that people will get an idea of what kinds of stuff I like and just to give my enemies something to make fun of.

James Spiring said...

"What year do you consider as the Power Ranger 50th Anniversary?" - 20th you mean, lol.