Saturday, December 18, 2010

Horses in Super Sentai

While horses appeared in Power Rangers briefly, but more prominently in Super Sentai. I am sure I am missing some horses, but let me know.

12/20/10 Update

I was reminded that horses appeared in the Ohranger movie and incidentally in a Zeo episode that used the fooatge form the movie, which is rare. The enemy had five horses and the Ohranger took them.

In Gingaman, the heroes each had a horse, where Red briefly had a horse in Lost Galaxy episode. Red had the white horse and the others had brown horses. There was toys of the horses in Japan.

In the Hurricanger Movie, only the main three Hurricanger rode horses briefly. Red having a white horse and the other two with brown horses.

In Magiranger, Kai was stuck in a dimension with the black horse Valkyrion. He briefly rode the horse but not very long.

In Episode 34, it featured Unikirion, that was introduced in the movie, MagiShine comes riding on the white 'unicorn.'

In Shinkenger, Takeru called upon a white horse using his ShodoPhone in the first episode. The horse appeared here and there and he used it to fight Juzo near the end of their final battles. Juuzo had a black horse.

In the Shinken movie, Red had a white horse and the others had brown horses. Blue had a light brown horse.

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Anonymous said...

They rode horses in the Ohranger movie (used for PRZ as "Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers").