Thursday, December 9, 2010

Poll Results: Goukaiger Designs / Goukaiger as PR / Goukai Yellow / Titanium Ranger in Sentai

Do you like that Goukai Yellow is female?
Yes 300 (90%)
No 32 (9%)

What do you think about the Goseiger suit designs?
Dreamy 83 (29%)
Loving Them 180 (63%)

So-So 63 (22%)
Not Sure 26 (9%)
Not Liking It 15 (5%)

Good name for Goukaiger as Power Rangers?
Pirate Force 94 (35%)
Treasure Hunters 83 (31%)
High Seas 68 (25%)
Seven Seas 65 (24%)
Pirates 53 (19%)
Key Bandits 50 (18%)

What would be the Titanium Ranger's title if he was part of GoGoV?
Go Titanium 54 (25%)
Go Silver 120 (56%)
Go Metal 39 (18%)


diego josé said...

I HATE when thay put a yellow as a female. It only helps to develop more that stupid idea of "yellow is afemale color", which i hate a lot. Plus, most of my favorite rangers in sentai are male yellow, they are very awesome.

As for the name for PR, i think saban would just use "Pirates",as I bet Goseiger will be something like "Angels".

Cool toys by the way. Those pirate suits are sooo stupid that are funny.

diego josé said...

Uhh... And... I don't thi they use titanium. Kt may be cool, but it's not on the sentai universe. There are a lot of better choices like MaskX or Rio and Mele

Luca said...

Okay, I voted assuming you meant the Goseiger designs which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!! Especially Gosei Black. His outfit reminds me of a tuxedo in a weird way. But, the Gokaiger designs... IDK. They just look to stereotypical.

Yellow will probably be female, but I voted no anyways because there have been 5 female yellows in a row. I blame Saban (who I hate with a passion).

Gokaiger would be called Pirate Adventures.

Titanium would be called Go Metal.

Anonymous said...

power rangers has influenced me that i hope there are 2 girls in a five members team. Solo girl is quite lonely.
Their outfits are quite cool, but it looks like shinkenger
I think Power Rangers Pirate Force is a good name, maybe power rangers will use it
titanum ranger in gogo v should use go silver, and why you asked it among goukaiger posts

Anonymous said...

From what i heard there was ment to be a Gosliver but due to budget reasons he was not shown.They already had the suit and weapons and things but couldn't put him in with no voice actor or footage this is from a comment on youtube so who knows if it is true.

Lavender Ranger said...

Anonymous: Gosilver, you mean Titanium Ranger? No, I haven't heard a thing. They wouldn't need a voice actor. In episode 15 of Gokaiger, villain Basco summons the Sixth Rangers and they don't speak.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure probably someone completly new.

rockara said...

the name "GoMetal" sounds logical considering the morpher's M design on it


He would be called Go Chrome.