Sunday, December 5, 2010

This blog called simply White Ranger

I don't know if it is because this person's first language is not English, but I found this blog while looking for pictures through google and found he had a lot of information wrong.

He even copied some things I had said like:
One of the rare male heroes to have done an adult film. He filmed it before he filmed Gaoranger but it came out after Gaoranger ended. I personally saw the film, it was more about story than anything. He only got shirtless and the sex scenes were short. I never knew the name in English and the tape belonged to a friend.
My original post:

Also saying that Bouken Yellow was male:

Other than copying pictures from my website and blog, I have to admit he does have some good pictures from other places and also has interesting posts of Taiwanese and Chinese tokusatsus. I admit I copy from time to time from Wikipedia but I do quote and say when it is from other people's blogs and writings. I put them in Italics and say where it is from. Also I rarely use other people's opinions. I would just like some acknowledgment or a heads up.

(It is now called Pink Ranger)


diego josé said...

Man, don't worry. Peopole who "cheat" and copy what they think is cool is EVERYWHERE. I started to make a game for a latin gaming boards and two guys started to do exactly what I did... But worse. They will always exist, just tell them to stop.

I know what you feel, butnit's something that's out of our control. Do you know hao many bootlegs are out there? Just look at Tattoed Alien Fighters... And you'll laugh at peopole that copy-paste your work

GeoXwar said...

oh and the blog was removed