Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Power Rangers Illustrations Vs. Super Sentai Illustrations

In past posts, I have highlighted promotional images or drawings of Power Rangers used in different merchandise and promos. Here I compare how two different countries draw the Rangers themselves.

Firstly in Power Rangers, the drawings were fairly simple and more or less realistic.

By "In Space," as the toys got bulkier, the Rangers also gained more muscles, abs and big thigh muscles and continued into later seasons, for example SPD. From time to time, it would be semi-realistic but the majority of the drawings looked like they were on steroids.

As for Super Sentai...

They remain pretty realistic. Above Go-Kaiger Dice-O card game.

Above are RangerStrike cards and the Zyuranger are a bit muscled up but that is as far as they get. The others are pretty realistic to how the suit actors' bodies are, no big steroid muscles.

Above is a dish of B-Fighter Kabuto and Carranger, the drawings are pretty simple.

Above are concept drawings, what is basic for all Super Sentai pictures they make.


Anonymous said...

have you noticed that at live fair shows suit actors in america do not have weapons while in other countries they do

Anonymous said...

bandai is making candy can you say candy toys here in the USA

Anonymous said...

Lavendar, do you happen to have more photo shots of the illustrated "Art of Sentai" of other rangers as well? Or know of a link where I can see the others?

Mugen said...

The Zyuranger Art is probably slightly inpsired my Power Rangers. Still pretty realistic as far as muscles go.

Lavender Ranger said...

Anonymous #3, specifically I don't know about that book, but here are scans of a lot of magazines and books: http://fcti.multiply.com/photos