Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gokaiger Episode Descriptions 4-7

Episode 4:
Title- Nan no tame no nakama (Companions for what?)
Airs: 3/6/11
It is a Joe (Blue) centered episode. Now, Action Commander Zodomas, a sword specialist, appears and begins destroying the city. Joe and Aihm are out shopping when Zodomas attacks, and have to start fighting with Marvelous, Don and Luka. Joe is made a fool of by Zodomas' sword techniques, and after the battle he decides he needs to go this one alone, and leaves GokaiGalleon. Aihm is worried about him, and tries to convince him they need to fight as a team. Can Joe really defeat Zodomas on his own? The Action Commander Zodomasu is the Monster of the day.

Episode 5:
Title- Judgement. Pirates
Airs: 3/13/11
Sainei Ryuuji, Kinoshita Ayumi and Inada Tetsu will return to reprise their roles as Ban, Jasmine and Doggie Krueger respectively. The Action Commander Buramdo is the MotD. "The Thing to Search For? The Police will tell us something good!", or so said Navi when using his Otakara Navigate. And so, the 5 Gokaiger head out to find police. Then, all of a sudden, Marvelous finds one, none other than the Space Police's "Earthshine Chief", Doggie Krueger. There's just one problem. Why he is interested in arresting the Gokaiger?! The Zangyack appear, but Marvelous can do very little as he is in handcuffs.

Episode 6:
Title- Ichiban Daijina mono (The most important thing)
Airs: 3/20/11
The Action Commander, Nanonanoda is the MotD. Rumor is that this might be a Luka episode. It is said the team will change into JAKQ so Yellow will be Big One. Luka sees a jewel she desperately wants, but to her displeasure a little girl buys it before she can get her hands on it. Suddenly, the girl's father approaches Luka. He'll give her the jewel if she comes and works in his house, and so she is invited. Within the house there seems to be a treasure, as the Zangyack are targeting it as well. For the sake of doing some recon, and protecting a potential treasure, and also for selfish reasons, Luka decides to take the job. But can Luka really do said job? And what is the treasure the Zangyack are looking for?

Episode 7:
Title- Niki Niki! Kenpou Shugyou (Niki Niki! Kenpou Training)
Airs: 3/27/11
Info- Suzuki Hiroki will return to reprise his role as Kandou Jan. The Action Commander, Pachacamac Jyusansei (the 13th), appears. Pachacamac the 12th was the villain in Gekiranger VS Boukenger. This is to be a Ahim episode. Navi tells the gang to look for a Tiger Boy so they go look in a zoo.

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