Monday, February 7, 2011

Premiere Week

From Monday 4/6/11 to Sunday 4/13/11 I'll be having Premiere Week, with episode summaries and reviews on the premieres of Power Rangers Samurai (4/6/11 night) and Gokaiger (North America 4/12/11 night) and second PRS episode 4/13/11 Afternoon. Unlike the other special weeks, I will have more other un-related posts in between the days as this week specifically dedicated to the premiere dates, but of course anything new about Gokaiger and PRS during a non-premiere day (Tuesday to Friday) will be posted under Premiere Week this week only.


Anonymous said...

re you sure it will have a new episode on sunday thats not nicks style

Lavender Ranger said...

Check TV Guide, it is right there. The Troop episodes premiered on Sundays too at 12, they moved it there after premiering on Fridays.