Friday, March 18, 2011

Can you guess the Ranger? - Answers #1

Here are the answers:

Mega Yellow/Yellow Space Ranger
Drunken Lemur got it right. Earliest one to be answered correctly.

Go Blue/Blue Lightspeed Ranger
Jon B got this one right. First one to be answered correctly.

GingaPink/Pink Galaxy Ranger
Pink_Power got it right.

(D) Go-Green/Ranger Green
This was one of the three hardest to answer. Shana got it right!

(E) Tyranno Ranger/Red Ranger
James Spiring got this one. This was one of the three hardest to answer. I was surprised this stumped people, maybe because it was just a leg, no boot or belt.

Pink Mask
Paolo1350, Egallardo26, and Manuel got it right. Tricky one, lots thought it was Ptera Ranger.

Red One (Bioman)
Chynna got it.

(H) Gao White/White Wild Force Ranger
This was one of the three hardest to answer. I guess it was hard because it was just an arm, no glove or any other colors. Manuel and Shana got it right.

Shinken Blue/Blue Samurai Ranger
KOTOR_FAN got it right.

Gosei Black
Jasper got it right.

Manuel got it right! Tricky one too.


Shana said...

yayyy!!! i had fun with this...i hope u do some more soon

Rail Su said...

The Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue photo is so awesome? would you like to upload that original photo without color editing? where did you get that photo? would you like to share more?

Lavender Ranger said...

Rail Su, I have it up somewhere on my blog. Search for helmet less or through my gallery label.