Friday, July 22, 2011

Calling out Wikipedia Writers for sites

In late August, I will be a full time teacher and unable to work on the blog and sites, we need writers. I am calling out the Wikipedia writers, who write for Power Rangers Samurai, Gokaiger Wikipedia pages and Morphin Grid Wiki pages. We need writers to write for the database of Power Rangers Central, for example the descriptions for weapons, villains, zords, allies, etc. And also for Super I already got Blog helpers Henshin0 and Pat. Check my blogger profile and e-mail me and tell me if you are interested. You must have free time and watched episodes and have good grammar.

- PRC Database Writer
- Super Sentai Databse Writer
- PRC Episode Guide Writer
- Blog Poster

-Free time
- Good Grammar
- Decent Writer
- Show Knowledge
-Must be over 18 years of age (I forgot to add this)

The positions above are non paying jobs. The reason I put over 18 is because I'm 28 and a teacher and just don't want to deal with underage mombo jumbo that might happen. Might sound silly but I just don't feel comfortable with that.


TJC86 said...

>must have god grammar

>"These of course is non paying jobs."

You clearly aren't going to allow this message....
Just thought you'd want to alter it before other people see it

Lavender Ranger said...

You neither. That's why we need someone with GOOD grammar!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how you put requirements that fit a smart teenager and then say "must be older than 18". I would like to know what you have againt minors.

I'm 15, but I could be very helpful...

sammyaurora said...

By saying "calling out Wikipedia writers", does it means that non-Wikipedian PR/Sentai-fans have no chance of applying the job?

sammyaurora aka samsth7

Lavender Ranger said...

anyone can get it, as long as you are a good writer.