Thursday, August 11, 2011

Poll Results: Gokaiger Gender Change/Saban Brands International/Female Red Ranger Toy

Which Gokaiger gender change do you like the most? - Yellow

Go Yellow
53 (30%)
Ginga Yellow
49 (28%)
Time Yellow
48 (27%)
Hurricane Yellow
52 (29%)
Yellow Owl
40 (22%)
Tiger Ranger
81 (46%)
Kirin Ranger
48 (27%)
Magi Yellow
71 (40%)
Ki Ranger
37 (21%)
Gao Yellow
63 (36%)
Yellow Turbo
36 (20%)
Ninja Yellow
44 (25%)
Yellow Lion
40 (22%)
45 (25%)
Dyna Yellow
32 (18%)
Denji Yellow
32 (18%)
Goggle Yellow
32 (18%)
Which Gokaiger Gender Change you like the most? #2 (Non-Yellow)
Female DekaRed
48 (28%)
Female Go-On Red
52 (30%)
Female MagiRed
57 (33%)
Female GekiRed
49 (28%)
Yellow as MegaSilver
54 (31%)
Yellow as NinjaBlack
46 (27%)
Yellow as BattleCossack
37 (21%)
Yellow as BigOne
56 (33%)
Pink as AbareKiller
70 (41%)
Pink as Go-On Black
50 (29%)
Male HurricaneBlue
55 (32%)
Male MagiBlue
56 (33%)
Male BlueDolphin
45 (26%)

Do you think Saban Brands is concentrating on International stuff for PR?
87 (56%)
29 (18%)
57 (37%)

What would you really want for a female Red Ranger toy?
Mega Mode
51 (31%)
Regular Mode
66 (40%)
In a Set Only
22 (13%)
All of Above
62 (38%)
23 (14%)

What do you think most likely will happen with a female Red Ranger toy?
Not Going to Happen
68 (45%)
Mega Mode Only
35 (23%)
Regular form only
55 (36%)
Only in set/zord
28 (18%)
Doll Only
22 (14%)


Mugen said...

We all know that Tiger ranger is the result of MMPR Nostalgia.

AbareKiller is quite nice. I think that suit works very well for female, as does it for male.

Chhoice for female Red would probabaly the Figuarts Figure. Makes sense that the regular Mode is prefered, as the Mega Mode is useless.

Lavender Ranger said...

My biggest wish is for Figuarts to do some of the Gokaiger gender changes but that is a long shot.

Mugen said...

Maybe in Sofubi Form. They did that for all "possible in show" Forms of OOO atleast.

Luca said...

The only gender changes I like are the male ones. I also can't believe my favorite ranger (possibly the only ranger I even like) (AbareKiller) is so popular as female. Male AbareKiller is SO much more awesome. Maybe they just voted for Abaranger because its dinosaur theme is reminiscent of MMPR. I'd like for all of the rangers to be male.

Anonymous said...

Watch SunVulcan, if you want that.

Why even watch Sentai, if you only like one Senshi?

Also, I think female AbareKiller became partly popular due to Eri wearing his outfit in Goseiger.

Luca said...

I don't watch Sentai. I watch Kamen Rider, and I'm tired of it being compared to Sentai because with it's complicated plot lines and features of the whole family rather than just children, I personally think it's more similar to Doctor Who.

jre2624 said...

Why do they have to have skirts? I know it's how they distinguish gender, but saban did a decent Job making yellow female without a skirt for mmpr lost galaxy, lightspeed, time force, wild force. I'm not counting alien ninja or mystic because there rangers were correct designation! I mean SPd or dekaranger didn't have skirts so why does it matter if they do! All it is going to do when saban adapts is annoy people who knew yellow had no skirt in those season! I guess the non-yellow gender changes suits don't bother me as much.

Lavender Ranger said...

jre, its just for a different asethtic look. I mean I guess they could get rid of them, they have had plenty of other times before (SPD, Changeman, etc.). I personally loike it. But yeah, in principle, it is not needed. I mean, these days in army outfits, they don't differ between men and women.

Luca said...

This is why they never should have changed the gender. It's because of their persistence that now the real Super Sentai is starting to have two girls on each team. I probably wouldn't have minded as much if they switched between yellow, blue, and green, but instead they decided to just do yellow, and now for the past 7 seasons, Sentai has been doing the same. It would be SO MUCH more exciting if the colors switched back and forth between seasons more frequently! Also, I am VERY impressed with the Wang brothers for not changing any of the Riders' genders as tempting as it must've been with Raia. I am proud to live in a century when toku is all about androgynous males.

Lavender Ranger said...

i agree with switching around colors more often, but I guess they are making up for it with female black, red, and silver and hopefully green soon and male pink.

Mugen said...

Adding Skirts to the females makes sense if they had it in the original Sentai in the first place. That way they blend in with the aesthetic of the look.

Unknown said...

Or maybe it's 'cos the AbreKiller suit is awsome with or without a skirt.