Friday, September 9, 2011

Super Sentai at Double Hero Festival

These pictures are from the blog link below, of an event in Japan that has Super Sentai and Kamen Rider stuff.
Left to right: MagiBlue, VulPanther, Time Red, Geki Blue, Gao Red, Red Turbo, Deka Master, Gokai Pink, Red Hawk, Gosei Black, Gokai Red, Tyrannoranger and Gosei Red.

Left to Right: OhRed, Red One, Time Pink, Gokai Blue, Red Racer, Change Dragon, Mega Red, Bouken Yellow, Bouken Red, Go-On Green, Gokai Yellow, Go Red, Geki Red, Change Pegasus, and Shinken Pink.

Tyranno Ranger, Gosei Red, Aka Red, Gokai Red, Shinken Red, Red Ninja, Abare Black, Go-On Red, OhRed, Red One, Time Pink, and Gokai Blue.

Kuwagata Raijer and his bike (the reason the Hurricanger aren't there is because they didn't have their own bikes).

DekaBlue and his Machine Husky.

GaoSilver and Wolf Roader

DekaBreak and his Machine Boxer

Shinken Gold and Sushi cart, with Ika-Chan and Ebi


Gekkou and Mandora-boy

Timeranger equipment and Fairy Bokku



Vickram101 said...

I didn't know the Tsunami Cycles for the wind rangers were american made. So that's why they never had all 5 of them in cycles in one shot.

Lavender Ranger said...

yup, same for the Savage Cycles of Wild Force.

EZ8 said...

Huh, I wasn't aware of that tidbit either.

Also, lol at Genta's sushi cart, it just looks so out of place being next to the other ranger's motorcycles.

Luca said...

They look so awesome on those bikes!