Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gokaiger Rumors, Revelations and Gavan Picture!

Great Waltz

 Joe fighting Barizorg and red Zugormin.

 Kanzen GokaiOh

People are saying this is Gokaiger Returns, but it looks more like the OVA special that will have Gokai Red Gold Mode.

Here is the pcitures fro Gokaiger vs. Gavan, looks like Braijara is back (BUT APPARENTLY IT IS GILS' DAD THE EMPEROR) and the red Zugormin.

 Following are rumors:
Episode 42 Doc's past is revealed. Turns out he was a legendary hero who has lost his memory. Damaras, who was recently imprisoned set out to get revenge for the death of Walz. With Basco's help, Marvelous is captured, Joe, Ahim, Luka and Gai were also defeated and have gone MIA. Don is the only one remaining.

Episode 43 The Emperor plans on having a public execution on earth for Marvelous.

Mr. 005 of Rangerboard:
Basco makes an allusion to having gotten Fiveman and SunVulcan's great power. There is only one team left to find so he makes Marvelous look for them. This last team is Kakuranger, which means there will probably be a tribute episode.


999rozes said...

The picture on the right is actually Ackdos Gil Walz Gil's father

henshin0 said...

is it possible that akared's true identity?