Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Poll Results: Third Chance to Kamen Rider Adapation/PR Theorical Book

If there was to be a book to be published about Power Rangers, would it be like those Marvel or DC history books or Super Sentai Encloypedias? 
Sentai Encloypedia
  179 (86%)
Marvel History Book
  63 (30%)
Episode Guide Book
  49 (23%)
Other sort History Book
  43 (20%)

Saban is most likely adapting Kamen Rider again, who would you had rather adapt? Do you give Saban a 'second chance' after "Masked Rider" (1995)?
Saban, 2nd chance
  171 (69%)
  18 (7%)
Adness again
  79 (32%)
  54 (21%)

Do you think 'third try is a charm' for Kamen Rider to be adapated to English?
  133 (59%)
  32 (14%)
  57 (25%)

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