Saturday, October 22, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai - Origins Part 2 - Episode Review

The Rangers practice their symbol powers on paper and make Water, Rock, Fire and Wind real. But Mike is not good at it. He asks Jii for Pizza but no go. The Nighlok explain their overall plan in their headquarters. Mike and Kevin spar. Ava tells them they can't find Emily so the gang go searching. Mike gets distracted by good. A bus stops and Spike gets off. He is welcomed by his 'Uncle' Bulk. He calls him his 'favorite nephew' and they have a warmhearted reunion. Bulk asks about Skull and he says 'great.' Bulk tells Spike to watch where he is going and hits a pole. Mike Kevin and Mia bump into each other. They realize Kevin is serious about being a Samurai. Mia says she wants her Prince Charming. She brings up Kevin swimming in the Olympics and asks if he misses it. He says no. They find her outside practicing in public in a park. Kevin is proud. 

Emily says she would work hard for her big sister, explaining she was to be the Yellow Ranger in a cheery voice. Spike says that his father told him that Bulk could make him great and then he laughed for 20 minutes. Bulk says he has history with the Power Rangers and watched lots of Samurai movies and he teach him to be a Samurai Power Ranger. A monster attacks and the Rangers head off there. Yellow fights some moogers and her Earth Slicer heads towards Jayden, getting him harmed. She comes to his aid. The monster is about to attack Jayden and Emily stands to cover, with the others coming to her aid. Four power-down and Jayden rallies them. He tells Mia to stay to take care of Emily. Jayden goes to protect a little girl, and returns her to her mother. The four get inspired and transform again. They use their spin swords to take care of his first life.

They form the Megazord but instead, make a tower. Kevin realizes he made a mistake. The monster knocks them all down. Jayden makes the symbol to combine them. Monster calls for Moogers. They save the day and back at home, they congrat each other. Emily is bummed because she 'almost let them down.' Jayden says he was good. Mike says he learned a new symbol and makes sprinkles and he says 'Part-ay' and dances around.

Important episode explaining each Kanji, you would think this was important to air before the other episodes. Oh well! This is the only episode aired so far that Bulk has mentioned the Power Rangers and Skull for that matter. In the original, the gang thought Red was cold and was not aware of the little girl and then found out that he was saving the girl, this was changed. Brittany's acting as Emily was still not top-notch, she was still a  little too-cheery. Even though in Shinkenger it was funny when the Rangers made a tower, here it seems like they don't know what they are doing.