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Power Ranger Locaitons (USA)

I've covered common locations used for Super Sentai or other Tokusatsu in Japan: here and here
All of this information is from the awesome wiki site Power Rangers Unpatched 

US scenes from seasons 1–10 were almost exclusively filmed in and around the Los Angeles area. Exception: MMPR: The Movie and a few episodes of season 2 were filmed in Sydney, Australia like The Wedding, Return of the Green Ranger. Here is just a few:

Walter Pyramid, formerly known as Long Beach Pyramid, is a multi-purpose stadium on the campus of California State University, Long Beach in Long Beach, California. It was seen on KO-35 as a background building and a medical building (housed Barillian sting antidote) in Astronema Thinks Twice, Countdown to Destruction, part 2 and The Barillian Sting.

Different caves at Bronson Canyon were used in the MMPR episodes Dark Warrior, Crystal of Nightmares, The Ninja Encounter, Beauty and the Beast, A Different Drum, A Monster of Global Proportions, Forever Friends, When Time Freezes Over, Green No More and Wild Force ep "Ancient Awakening" and PRLR eps "Go Volcanic, Rising from the Ashes, The Fifth Crystal, Wrath of the Queen, and Neptune's Daughter. Also Zeo ep "The Lore of Auric" and Lost Galaxy eps The Lights of Orion and  The Magna Defender. And lastly Time Force's Clash for Control part 1 and The Quantum Quest.

The Rye Canyon Office Park was seen in various cities: Angel Grove, NASADA's Mission Control center, Terra Venture's background building  and GSA administration building . Other shots of a tall building extending to the dome ceiling were apparently modified shots of the Westin Bonaventure Mariner Bay, Silver Hills, Turtle Cove and Time Force's year-3000 city.

The U.S. Bank Tower (known during production years as the Library Tower) was a prominent landmark in the following cities: Angel Grove, Deserted City,  Terra Venture, Mariner Bay, Silver Hills (office building for the Silver Hills Inquisitor attacked by Artillicon), and  Turtle Cove.

Vasquez Rocks represented a number of locations in-show:  Command Center/Power Chamber mountain, Command Center and Power Chamber shown atop double peak , Tommy once went "up" from the Power Chamber to fix a tractor beam dish here, area some distance from Command Center or Power Chamber, where Tommy's Zeo quest ended with True of Heart, where Tommy took Sam Trueheart and met David. It also represented Kalderon (NASADA probe crash site) , a planet where Dark Specter threatened Astronema, Kadix (where Zhane awoke), Sentar B (Rebel hiding place), a planet where Trakeena took Leo and Kirassa (where Karone became the Pink Ranger). Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park is a park located in the Sierra Pelona Mountains, in northern Los Angeles County, California.

 Griffith Park, Hahn Park, and Castaic Lake were used as general park locations: Angel Grove Park, where a scene from Star-Crossed Lovers was filmed, where Ms. Fairweather had a date with Clark , where Mitch photographed the Time Force Rangers on one occasion, where Wes, Lucas, and Trip fought over Contemptra, where Alyssa and Merrick landed after fight with Zen-Aku, where the Animarian memorial was moved, and where Carter recruited Cole to fight General Venjix in 'Forever Red.'

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