Friday, September 14, 2012

Power Rangers Super Samurai Merchandise for September 2012

UPDATED 9/19/12

Here in this blog post, we have new merchandice for the Fall 2012...
2013 calendar avaliable online in the United Kingdom. I am sure we will have an American one soon as they had an RPM one. I am happy Yellow Ranger is so big.

12 months and a disappointment is that there is no Green Shogun Ranger. There is Red Ranger Mega Mode and Red Ranger Shogun Mode, Blue Ranger Mega and Blue Shogun, Yellow Mega and Yellow Shogun, Pink Samurai Ranger Mega Mode and Pink Shogun Mode, Green Samurai Ranger Mega Mode and Green Super Mega, Xandred and Samurai Megazord. I would had rather they had Green Shogun and Gold Mega Mode. And Even though Red Super Samurai Ranger is on the cover, he doesn't get a month page.

Squinkies Series 4
12: Super Red, Green, Pink, Blue, and Yellow; Gold Ranger Mega Mode, Lightzord, Serrator and Samurai Megazord. Three mystery Squinkies.

Lite Force Grab n Glow, it is a night light/flashlight. It is in the form of the Red Ranger in Mega Mode. Looks cool.

 Morph Lites, there is regular Gold and Blue and Mega Mode Red. Gold and Blue don't look so hot but Mega Mode Red looks really sweet.

This photo is brought to us by Mystery Ranger of Rangerboard, they are Mash'ems, about 4 inch tall squishy toys. They are relatively new and are not on eBay, google nor the official website:

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