Saturday, October 6, 2012

Power Rangers Legends App Game

Thanks to my buddy Jay a.k.a MorphinLegacy, I just found out that will be making an app game of the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers with various or a handful of Rangers to fight monsters. They have not announced yet what phones will be able to get this game. And supposedly we will able to add Rangers and Monsters by downloading them into the game. I, myself, Lavender Ranger don't believe we will get a lot of Rangers. I mean, with Super Legends, we got a few actually teams and maybe 2 or 3 from each teams so with an app, who knows. It will be available in mid-November. says: "Power Rangers Legends uses the Unity 3D Engine, like Avengers Initiative, but the build we saw seemed a bit early and rough. While the Power Rangers themselves looked fairly detailed, a few of the enemies were missing textures. Plus, the game consists solely of a series of one-on-one fights in a central location, without any of the modest exploration of Avengers Initiative or the Infinity Blade games. Since this is a free download, and one geared towards kids, you might want to keep your expectations low."

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