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Power Rangers Super Samurai - Evil Reborn - Episode Review

UPDATED 11/25/12
Thanks to Samuraicast:
 An injured Antonio wants to stop the fight between Deker and Jayden, but Mike and the girls go. Kevin tells them the team needs to be split up in case there is another attack. Jayden and Deker fight on horses. Kevin and Lauren have a lone chat. Lauren tells Kevin it is fine if he goes on his own. He says he knows she can handle herself but he is concerned about his Samurai duty. Lauren admits she never had a good friend. Kevin comes close and touches her shoulder, telling her she does now. They train in different rooms. Meanwhile in Japan forest stock footage land, Deker chases Jayden and they go after each other in a  fury of red and purple fire. 

Dayu feels something unsettling. It becomes night and the battle continues. Jayden gives Deker a deafening blow. The other three spot explosion from afar. Kevin is alone in the kitchen, Lauren tells Kevin she needs him to go after Jayden. Lauren is worried about her brother as well, telling Kevin that Jayden needs him more than she does. He leaves. Underneath the smile, she has a worried face. Jauden awakes unmorphed and in a ring of fire where Uramasa stands in the middle. He hears a laugh and the human Deker arises. This reminds me of a Simpsons quote where Bart says in the Easter fantasy story, "The explosion that didn't kill me, certainly killed my giant foe." The others arrive and try to reason with the two. Jayden tells Deker he is too tired to lift his sword.

Dayu is stopping Deker, the others can't see her but Deker can. Dayu goes to human form, she lets him go. Jayden stands up and leaves. Deker turns into his demon form and raises his sword. The others warn Jayden. Deker is hit in the back by Kevin, who has poked a hole through the ring with his water power. Deker goes back to human form. The other three pick up Jayden and walk out of there. The fire ring is completed once again. Deker says he is free and disintegrates into pieces. The curse being lifted. Dayu mourns Deker. Octoroo suggests Dayu playing her instrument to wake up Xandred.

Moogers raise up from the ground. Meanwhile it is daylight and Uramasa is still in the ground. The five are looking in different directions and are tired. Jayden thanks them. He apologizes about the secret. Uramasa disappears in pink-purple light. Antonio tends to Jii. I am surprised Antonio is not still injured. Lauren wants to ask Antonio about when Jayden was a kid, she wants to know what he was like. "Faith in the goodness of people." Antonio tells Lauren she is just as a good.

Giant Moogers attack and Lauren and Antonio call the zords. Jii calls the others. Jayden tells them he will be there soon. The four morph and fight Moogers on the streets. Antonio tells Lauren "Si Senorita." Jayden arrives and fights the Moogers unmorphed. Elsewhere, Dayu plays her Harmonium, seeing nothing else to live for. Mia senses Dayu and asks her why she is there.

Dayu and Mia fight. Mia strikes Dayu and she laughs. Dayu says she didn't defeat her, the Harmonium will release evil energy. A big black flurry comes out and she cackles. The other Rangers pay attention. The ship rocks on the super rising Sanzu River, Xandred finally rises to the Earth. The four Rangers reunite. Xandred thanks Dayu.

A very dark and great episode. I am surprised they kept Deker in human form when he is killed. The whole night scene with the fire ring was wonderfully done, reminds me of the production value of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The acting was a little of the same. I see Antonio is back to his 'Golden' catchphrase and broken Spanish. The Lauren and Antonio and Lauren and Kevin scenes were also great. So three more episodes left!

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