Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ranger Key Christmas Tree

I got this idea from my fellow Power Force member Mr. Yellow. I couldn't fit all 33 (I am expecting more soon) Ranger Keys on the tree.


 The Keys I managed to fit: Red Ninja (Alien Ranger), Gokai Red, Red Buster, Magi Red (Mystic Force), Hime Shinken Red (female Red Samurai), Blue Swallow, Magi Blue (Mystic Force), Blue Buster, Mele (Camile of Jungle Fury), Gokai Green, Dragon Ranger (Green Ranger), Geki Violet (Wolf Ranger), Magi Mother (White Mystic Ranger), Magi Pink (Mystic), Gokai Pink, Go-On Silver (Ranger Silver), Stag Buster, Beet Buster, Magi Shine (Solaris Knight), Gokai Yellow, Yellow Buster

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