Sunday, March 17, 2013

Huffington Post article about Power Rangers and Power Force

The following article is not only about Power Force but about Saban acquiring the series from Disney and how Megaforce is like MMPR but they mention the Fan Club back in 1994 and how it was a one-way relationship and Power Force and the online community is a 2-way communication. I like this explanation better for Power Force (which Elie Dekel still refers to as Super Fans). It also shows Dekel is liking Power Force.
With such a strong following of fans, Saban developed the concept of a super fan council, which received thousands of applications. The "Power Force" program honors a group of super fans with an influential online presence, passion and knowledge for the franchise and demonstrate active fan involvement. These super fans utilize their influence and relationships within the Power Ranger community to help build and expand Power Ranger initiatives.
"They tell us what they think all the time, we now have a closed communication with this group whose critiquing every episode, making suggestions, storylines, and every time we have something new to say, we tell our Power Force first and before we can check our inboxes, they've re-tweeted and post it." [Elie Dekel]

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