Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Poll Results: Super Megaforce

Now that we saw GokaiGreen in the New Zealand set, what do you think the Gokaiger footage will be used for?
Main Suits
  98 (74%)
Rival Group
  55 (41%)
Silver Only
  24 (18%)

Do you think the Gokaiger suits will be used only for a rival group in Super Megaforce?
  36 (26%)
  46 (33%)
  41 (29%)
Don't Know
  15 (10%)

Which toy platform do you think would be open for Gender Change Rangers like in Gokaiger?
Mega Bloks
  51 (40%)
Battle Ready Minis
  30 (23%)
Action Figures
  92 (73%)
  20 (15%)
  29 (23%)


Glenn said...

Hi... I was wondering how the results in the first and last poll questions can end up totaling OVER 100%? (Adding up the percentages in the first poll comes to 133%, and the second to 174%.) Just curious.

Lavender Ranger said...

Those are multiple choice, blogger only tallies hpw many voted, not how many votes. I used to put a disclaimer but i gave up.