Sunday, April 14, 2013

Akibaranger Season 2 Episode 1 Review

 Delu Knight sends three monsters, the Akiabranger say they won't give up. Figuarts of the Boukenger, Dekaranger and Jetman appear and fight the bad guys. Big robo that Marshina controls attacks.  Nobuo wakes up. After a new sequence (with lots of storyboards that will eventually be replaced for episode 2), Nobuo arrives to the bar (with props in new places) and Hiroyo says she is in the red again. They haven't seen everybody in a while. They talk about the Aoi anime. Hiroyo sems to be still hiding that she is the voice actress. It has been 9 months since they became Akibaranger.

The episode is a clip show, reviewing what happened last season. They start with the first episode when Hiroyo recruited them. They talked about Marshina. Kozukozu returns. Hiroyo remembers how he wanted to retire. Hiroyo paid a guy to dress as DekaRed to cheer Nobuo again. How they turned him to a weapon. Kozukozu made a meal for Nubuo. They then go over what happened in the episode where he and Yumeria got drunk.

Hiroyo gives Nubuo a drawing of a woman in white underwear. They then go over Bouken Red becoming a weapon for AkibaBlue. Hiroyo and Nobuo talk about her father and the technology. Hiroyo says he is busy so she doesn't want to bother him. They go over Nobuo's delusion of cosplaying women. Then go over Marshina disguising as AkibaBlue and a pervert hitting on Yumeria and it turning out to be Delu-Knight (him appearing early than he really did in Season 1).

Mitsuki was approached by American military who shot at her. DeluKnight brought back three monster. Yumeria's mom came and transformed. Mitsuki met the Red Hawk suit actor Nibori Kazuo and was trained by him. Then Nobuo used Red Hawk as a weapon. Mitsuki was scouted by the pentagon (instead of Nobuo, like in Season 1). DeluKnight then started his biggest offensive. DeluKnight brought back three monsters. The three say they won't give up. They fight the monsters.

They bash the monsters with Red. Then the real Boukenger, Jetman and Dekaranger arrive (unlike Nobuo's dream where they were toys). Red Hawk jumps down and say he will fight along them. All 18 of them fight the grunts. Then the rangers pause in fighting poses as the story is told. The monsters are destroyed. DekaRed tell Akibaranger to use their powers, the Deka Cuff, Bouken Shovel and Jet Winger is called and the Penta-Penultimate Cannon is formed and DeluKnight is destroyed. Malshina shows up with her giant robo. 

The Akibaranger call their robo to fight hers but the toy is used for this battle. They shoot a soda can at the robo and it hits the self-destruct button and the robo is destroyed. Then later Mitsuki says goodbye to the others as she leaves to the Pentagon. Yumeria says how she will miss her. She then leaves. Nobuo tosses his changer in the air and says he is back to be a normal delivery boy. Back in current time, Nobou's boss arrives. He has to deliver stuff to the place where his crush used to work, who moved to be with her father. His boss forces him.

He wonders why his customers can't be like Urara Ozu from Magiranger. At a store, he discovers that Akibaranger is an offical Super Sentai. He says it was the 17th, not Dairanger. They go over the list. The guy calls it 'a knock off.' It is called 'Gosei Sentai Akibaranger.' The EPisode ends with the new ending with the new blue which will be revealed in the next episode.

When they showed the back of Mitsuki's head, I thought they were going to pull a 'Trini'---like when they fired the three actors in MMPR S2 and showed the back of some other girl's head and had another voice but it was indeed the original Mitsuki actress. At first I was disappointed it was a clip show but they actually changed things around. They omitted the whole 'breaking the fourth wall' Meta-stuff from season 1 and ended season 1 in the delusional world, it never crossing to their real world or them discovering they were a show. Also, Yellow's mom was not mentioned to being dead. While I write this, I already saw Episode 2 but raw and not subtitled and it seems something is missing. It seems they will be going a bit quick with this one with intentional Dues Ex Machina plots. But I liked the ending of this first episode. The next two episodes (2 & 3) deal with Dairanger and we all know Dairanger and Zyuranger figuarts are coming soon.

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