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SPOILERS: Super Megaforce #5

If you follow the blogs, twitter and Rangerboard, then these are probably old for you. This is mostly about the new Silver Ranger and rumors on cameos. 

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UPDATED 4/29/13
Gokaiger body-switching monster (Ep 27) spotted with Gokai Blue:

Regaeru from Gokaiger

Andros' robe:

Cameron Jebo above has been seen on set with Christina Masterson. FuryDiamond of MegaforceCast had been told that Cameron was indeed the new Silver Ranger (footage from Gokai Silver). Cameron denied this on Twitter but that could had been part of his contract. For more on Cameron Jebo, check MorphinLegacy:

Here is a picture of his headshot.

Here are random pictures on the set:
 Megaforce Rangers in Ultra Mode.

 In the background, the actor in what looks like a Metal Alice costume. On the left looks like the framework of Tensou the robot.

 Now here are rumors, speculations, and spoilers on possible cameos and guest spots:
 Roger Velasco
 Roger Velasco (Carlos, Turbo Green/Space Black) updated his status on Facebook on Sunday saying "Black is back! It's where it's at." Fans thought it would be mean he would return as Black Space Ranger in Super Megaforce. Sources tell Jay of Morphin Legacy that Roger’s update was actually in relation to a rumored appearance at Power Morphicon 4.
Likelihood: 20% for now, possible for future

Christopher K Lee
Jay from Morphin Legacy (Happy Birthday BTW) thinks what Roger Velasco posted set the Ranger Nation (Saban Brands name) 'a flutter' but I think it was this picture. It is Christopher Lee (Andros) with an ACG Space Red Ranger card. People assumed this meant he would be returning but there is no evidence or confirmation on this.
Likelihood: 20% for now, possible for the future

 Alex Heartman
Alex Heartman on the Super Megaforce set recently and it had been said he was on there a couple weeks ago. I think Alex did a cameo spot for Super Megaforce for a Samurai tribute.
Likelihood: 98%, for sure

Hector David Jr.
A few days ago Hector David Jr. said "New Zealand... Nuff Said." so this could mean he was flying to new Zealand to visit or be on the show. We don't know. This is all speculation. My theory with seeing the Ultra Mode suits and both Alex and Hector, (we do need confirmation on the other four Rangers) that MAYBE they are filming a Megaforce-Samurai teamup special. Often specials are shot out of order. 
On Facebook, HDJ posted this.
Likelihood: 70-80%, very possible

 Blake Foster
Blake Foster got a Twitter account a month ago and has been getting in shape or how he says it (#Spandexshape), now he says "New Zealand??? What? Here I come" and he also did another tweeted "Once a ranger... ALWAYS a ranger" . I think it is true but I have been wrong a lot. But it is hard to say what is true or not. Even though it was April's Fools, people (including me) believed it that Alison Macinnis (Dana/Lightspeed) was going to New Zealand but it was a prank.
Likelihood: 50%, possible

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