Monday, March 25, 2013

SPOILERS: Super Megaforce Spoilers #2

UPDATED 3/27/13 9:30 AM EST

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Super Megaforce was spotted shooting Sunday March 24, 2013 with Lost Galaxy suits. Yellow Ranger has a skirt, safe to say they are like Gokaiger, the Megaforce Rangers transforming into old teams.

 Posted March 27th, another Lost Galaxy Ranger image. The monster looks like the monster from Silver's debut. They could be shooting these out of order.

 Goseiger suits with Gokaiger grunts. Or using American terms: Megaforce suits with new robotic grunts that we saw in Troy's war dreams. Notice the grey grunt has a bomb in his hand, from the Silver debut.

 Ciara posted yet another pic of her and Jason Smith, should her boyfriend Clayton Johnson be worried? Nah.

Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger
Ciara posted this on her instagram saying "Super mega time" on March 27 New Zealand time.

For explanation on the use of the Gokaiger suits, check FuryDiamond's blog:


tanfe deremy said...

So is this 100% confirmation that they will NOT be using the Gokaiger suits?

If so, what a shame

Lavender Ranger said...

few weeks ago we saw Gokai Green, so they are using them. Fury DIamond of says fans might not like it.

tanfe deremy said...

I truly don't understand why they are doing this. In my personal opinion, the Gokaiger suits are amazing. Probably the best designed suits I've seen in all of Power Rangers/Sentai so it hurts a lot that they aren't using them as the primary suits for the US adaptation). I would have loved the pirate motif translating to PR, but oh well. We'll see what Saban as planned.

Will Perkowski said...

Looks to be that gokaiger is another upgrade from the goseiger uniforms (how the heck that will work is beyond me

BHG said...

So what if the gokaiger powers are and upgrade as much as using past ranger powers as upgrades? What if, as an example, the gokaiger powers are Gosei's or Zordon's first power ranger team and just treated as a past power. And they have their original zords hidden on earth.