Monday, June 17, 2013

First Look: Power Rangers Super Megaforce Poster

UPDATED 6/18/13 11:30 PM EST
  One word: Legendary
I like how the GokaiGaleon is in the sky. People suspected we would not see the Gokaiger suits this early or even in promotion but I figure if they have something new and shiny to show off, they would.We did see toy artwork and pic of the 3 males in the Licensing Expo Preview booklet.

Brought to my attention by and @Morphinlegacy

Pictures from Fury Diamond at

Press Release:
Power Rangers is the longest running boys action series in television history. Power Rangers Super Megaforce is the the next installment of the No.1 live-action kids action series on television to launch this Fall on Saturdays at 1p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon. Delivering mega action, humor, excitement and entertainment, in addition to the core themes of friendship, teamwork, fitness, and helping others, Super Megaforce premieres during the 20th Anniversary celebration of the Power Rangers franchise. Helmed by Haim Saban, creator and producer of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series in 1993, Power Rangers quickly became the most-watched children’s television program in the United States. The series followed the adventures of a group of ordinary young people who “morphed” into superheroes. It was seen in more than 60 countries, translated into numerous languages, and was a mainstay in the most prominent international children’s programming blocks. 

 Check out Fury Diamond's blog for more info:

Also Pictures of the suit actors, Megaforce merchandise (no Super Megaforce toys) and Digimon Fusion stuff at the International Licensing Expo thanks to Fury Diamond:


Unknown said...

Awsome Pic. I never had any doubts about seeing the Gokaiger suits this early. I mean it's a foregone conclusion by now.

Re'Nell Glover said...

Sure, the show is also on Vortexx on Kabillion now, but just because it says "Vortexx on the CW", doesn't mean it's gonna come back to Vortexx on The CW. In fact, it shouldn't even mention Vortexx on The CW at all, since it's not on Vortexx's returning list of shows (and I doubt it will be).

Re'Nell Glover said...

And besides, PR keeps getting low ratings on Nickelodeon, anyway; as aforementioned, 1pm is kids' TV exile; why else would it, and some other shows like Kung Fu Panda, T.U.F.F. Puppy, etc. get underpromoted/unpromoted and pre-empted from time to time, similar to RPM's time on the former ABC Kids? So, if Nickelodeon and (now) Nicktoons and Vortexx on The CW hate Power Rangers (people believe Power Rangers' permanent removal from the CW was due to the Sandy Hook incident and/or the content freaked out CW's BS&P; what do you think?), where else is Saban gonna give the airing rights to? I stopped watching Cartoon Network after what happened with DC Nation (the last-minute, unexpected, and unnecessary 3-month hiatus, and later, the cancellation of both Green Lantern and Young Justice back in October come to mind), and CN has enough live-action (blame Stuart Snyder). The show became too expensive for Disney to continue producing. If I had my own network (which I'm working on), I'd definitely pick it up and give it better treatment than what the Nick family of networks has given it and Vortexx on the CW (which is now an animation-only block) gave it.

Re'Nell Glover said...

And we just found out Saban has its own Broadcast Standards & Practices.