Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pre-Zyuranger Sentai Heroes to appear in Universe of Hope

FuryDiamond has presented previews to the Universe of Hope (series 3) of the Power Rangers Action Card Game and three cards of the Megaforce Rangers feature pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai heroes. These are very curious additions, of course they aren't full-fledge cards of non-Power Rangers but interesting they are being included. These were of course from the Dice-O art which made sense. I guess these are shoutouts to Super Sentai fans.
Red Megaforce Ranger (with VulEagle of Sun Vulcan)
Black Megaforce Ranger with MidoRanger (Green) of Goranger
 Blue Megaforce Ranger
with Aoranger (Blue) of Goranger

Check them out here and Gold Zeo Ranger card:

Maybe these are next:
Thanks to for the images

After I posted this, Henshin Justice Unlimited posted their exclusive cards that are exactly Yellow Ranger with Ki Ranger and Pink Ranger with Momo Ranger. But only Red Ranger with Red Samurai Ranger and not the Aka Ranger but I am sure he will show up.

Also Henshin Justice says that Andy of the ACG Facebook/Twitter says that “We got permission from Saban to print these cards since they are paired with Megaforce; however, Sentai cards will be few knowing that it is not everyone’s cup of tea.” Fans thought this meant we will be getting pre-Zyuranger heroes in the show but I don't think so. I think it will only happen if they are along with the current team (be it Goseiger based Megaforce or Gokaiger based Super Megaforce). Most of the Gokaiger cards have the variety of different past heroes that were not in Power Rangers. This seems to be a card-only deal. It would had been nice if they got names or some sort of acknowledgement like a 'prehistoric ranger' or 'dream ranger.'

Exclusive cards from Henshin Justice:


Unknown said...

Cool. Sentai fanatics will love these. I makes me think of the Goranger suits from Gokaiger looked ten times better than the baggy suits from 1975.

Jonathan said...

I want to give SMF a chance. Those cards... *facepalm* I adore Sentai and Rangers, but don't use cards with pre-Zyu heroes. Looks cheap by not redoing and putting the 1st Rangers and kids are gonna get confused as heck.

Sure the a show'll be fine, but I'm not a fan of the cards here.