Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pteraranger Figuart on Japanese Online Store and soon in the US

Tamashii Nations reveals the Pteraranger S.H. Figuart that will be available for sale on their online store in October. INFO UPDATED FROM MORPHIN LEGACY Tamashii Nations says coming November 2013 to the US for $39.99. Amazon has pre-orders right now, saying release is September 25, 2013. Quantities are indeed limited. She is the third Zyuranger Figuart to be released.

Green and Red Rangers are already to be released in the US soon. The White Ranger Figuart is to be available at the San Diego Comic Con this July.

Amazon Pre-Order: 

The Amazon link says the US Packaging comes with Power Bow, Blade Blaster and the Thunder Slinger. Now if you only seen MMPR and not Zyuranger, you may not know what a Thunder Slinger is. It is the Japanese name of the weapon that defeated the Super Putties thanks to Titanus. In Japan, it was used more than once and it also had a toy. 

UPC: 4543112820327
SKU: BAN82032


Poke_Fan said...

I don't know what is better about this toy, that it is a girl ranger toy that looks very awesome, or the fact that it uses Titanus' blaster adapter to fight the super putties. I know they used it more as a civilian weapon in Sentai, but it is something of an inside joke.

Lavender Ranger said...

Poke_Fan the adapter thingy is called the Thunder Slinger in Zyuranger which was a common weapon (it had a toy), we just never got it for some unknown reason. But the Amazon US release says just the power bow and blade blaster, unknown if the Thunder Slinger will be included in the US packaging.