Saturday, August 3, 2013

EPIC WIN! CARDS for McDonalds Power Rangers Megaforce Happy Meal!

I never never use the word 'Epic' or 'win' but I said it I said. Maybe not here but for sure on Twitter. I thought they would have exclusive trading cards with the toys at McDonalds. Some people are griping that Yellow and Pink don't have their own cards but I am happy that at least the girls are included in the team card. It reminds me when I showed the Samurai bookbag I got from Saban Brands because of Power Force to Alan Palmer, the Black Aquitar Ranger---he thought there was only 3 Rangers because they only had the boy ones. As much as I hate the gender binary (splitting into boys and girls only), their thinking is probably that a boy doesn't want a Pink Ranger or Yellow Ranger card. I think it is dumb they split most toys between boys and girls. But if a boy gets a Phoenix Zord or Tiger Zord, his incentive is the Megazord card or a card with Red in the forefront.

Phoenix Zord - Red Ranger Card
Shark Zord - Blue Ranger Card
Snake Zord - Black Ranger Card
Lion Zord - Robo Knight
Phoenix Zord - Megazord Card
Tiger Zord - Team Card

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