Monday, August 5, 2013

Target to sell Exclusive Guardians of Justice 3-pack

The PR ACG Facebook announced today that Target will release mid-August 3-packs of the Guardians of Justice cards and will contain one exclusive Forever Red card. I think there will only be two of these exclusive cards but I could be wrong. So for $9.99, you can get 31 cards: 3 packs and the exclusive card. So this will only be at Target.


Will Perkowski said...

shouldn't it be listed as "Alien Red" since the kaku fella was during the "Alien ranger" arc?

Lavender Ranger said...

Sigh, lots of people have said this. Technically he is Mighty Morphin because they were Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers. I am sure that the Gosei Morpher will say "Mighty Morphin" when Alien Ranger cards are scanned, because there was no other sound corresponding to that.