Sunday, September 8, 2013

PR ACG #4: Legends Unite Previews

UPDATED 10/30/13 11 PM EST

Wow that was fast. Maybe because Universe of Hope was delayed so much. Power Rangers Action Card Game Series Four: Legends Unite will be released in November. Andy of the PR ACG Facebook page will be releasing previews this month. Fans requested the Psycho Rangers. Andy said he'd try for them to be in Series 4. He then said recently fan favorites would be in series 4 so boom, here you go, Psycho Rangers. Also a lot of exclusives this time with not only me and RangerCrew but also Power Toku and Command Center Forum.


Green MM Ranger (Ultra Rare)
Red MM Ranger

Exclusive from and

White Alien Ranger (Common)

 Red Aquitar Ranger

 Yellow Alien Ranger card is an exclusive at Command Center Boards, which you have to register to and find at "ACG News."
Blue Alien Ranger card is an exclusive at Henshin Justice Unlimited.

  Gold Zeo Ranger (Rare), Blue & Green Zeo Rangers
Exclusive from and

 Red Turbo Ranger, Red and Green Turbo Rangers (Commons)
 Blue Turbo Ranger, Blue and Pink Turbo Rangers (Commons)
 Yellow Turbo Ranger and Pink Turbo Ranger (Commons)
 Green and Yellow Turbo Rangers
Green Turbo Ranger
Blue Senturion
Turbo Power Rangers

Red Psycho Ranger, Red Space Ranger (Commons)
Black Psycho Ranger and Blue Psycho Ranger (Commons)
Yellow Psycho Ranger and Pink Psycho Ranger (Commons)
Space Power Rangers, Astro Megazord
Silver Space Ranger


Lost Galaxy Power Rangers
Blue & Green Galaxy Rangers
Yellow & Pink Galaxy Rangers

Pink Lightspeed Ranger
 Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers (Ultra Rare)

 Red & Blue Lightspeed Rangers
Green & Yellow Lightspeed Rangers
Titanium Ranger

 Red Megaforce Ranger, Blue and Yellow Megaforce Rangers (Commons)
 Time Force Power Rangers
Green and Pink Time Force Rangers

Red Wild Force Ranger, Wild Force Megazord
Wild Force Rangers, Lunar Wolf Ranger

Thunder Megazord, Crimson and Navy Thunder Rangers
Thunderstorm Megazord, Hurricane Megazord

 Valkasaurus Megazord, Mezadon Megazord
 White Dino Ranger

Delta Runner 1, Red SPD Ranger
 Red SPD Ranger & R.I.C.
Red SPD Ranger (Sonic Mode)
 Green and Pink Rangers

Blue Mystic Force Ranger (Legend Mode) - Rare
Pink Mystic Force Ranger (Legend Mode) - Rare
Mystic Force Power Rangers (Legend Mode)
Green Mystic Force Ranger 
 Yellow Mystic Force Ranger (Legend Mode)
Wolf Warrior (Hybrid Ranger-Villain card)
Yellow Mystic is an Exclusive from Power Toku
Solar Streak Megazord, Solaris Knight

 Red Overdrive Ranger (Common), Defender Vest
Sentinel Knight, Drivemax Megazord
 Red and Pink Overdrive Rangers, Pink Overdrive Ranger
 Black Overdrive Ranger, Yellow Overdrive Ranger
 Operation Overdrive Rangers
Blue Overdrive Ranger
Red Overdrive and Sentinel Knight 
Red Sentinel Ranger

Red Jungle Fury Ranger (Jungle Master Mode) -- rare
Yellow Jungle Fury Ranger (Jungle Master Mode) -- rare
Wolf & Blue Jungle Fury Rangers
 Shark Spirit Ranger - Common
Bat Spirit Ranger - Common
 Elephant Spirit Ranger - Common
Blue Jungle Fury Ranger (Master)

Red RPM Ranger (Shark Attack Mode)-(Ultra Rare), RPM Rangers
 Bear Crawler, Gold and Silver RPM Rangers
Green And Black RPM Rangers, RPM Ultrazord

Dr. K

Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren), Red Super Samurai Ranger (Lauren)
Red Super Samurai Ranger, Samurai Shark Gigazord
Red Super Samurai Ranger (Shark Attack Mode)

 Red Megaforce Ranger (Common), Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger (rare)
 Black Ultra Megaforce Ranger, Blue Ultra Megaforce Ranger (rares)

Yellow and Pink Ultra Megaforce Rangers
Blue Megaforce Ranger (Rare), Gosei Ultimate Megazord
 Robo Knight and Red Megaforce

Exclusive to and, thanks to Fury Diamond

Blue Wild Force Ranger and
Yellow Lightspeed Rescue Ranger (Rare)
Retro Rangers (Once A Ranger) -- Ultra Rare

Red Alien Ranger & Red Zeo Ranger
Red Samurai Ranger and Red RPM Ranger

Red Space and Galaxy Rangers

Exclusive Preview

Blue Mystic Force Ranger (Legend Mode) - Rare

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