Tuesday, September 10, 2013

French, Spanish, if you're not American, you get new Power Rangers Episodes

Last year when we were waiting for the second batch of episodes of Super Samurai, Nickelodeon Latin America (In Spanish in Mexico, Central America and South America) airs them before North America aired them. Now for the second half of Megaforce is airing in France. In France, they started the first half a couple months ago and now as of September 10th, they showed "Ultra Power" and "Last Laugh." This is probably the decision of the higher ups of those channels (Nick LA and Nick France). "Ultra Power" will air September 14 in the United States.


lionel_B said...

In France, this is not Nickelodeon that handles the distribution of Power Rangers. Since 2011, its the group "Canal J".

Lavender Ranger said...

oh okay, Lionel B