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Power Rangers Megaforce - The Human Condition - Episode Review

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 Episode Summary:
Malkor is released from his cacoon but doesn't look different. Vrak arrives from his space ship, Malkor observes the Power Rangers still exist. His wings glow. Robo Knight reaches a park on his daily rountine. He sees a girl fall, trip and cry. Her mother carries her. Troy is in a karate outfit and RK asks what tears are and why humans cry. Troy tells him to ask Emma. Emma is taking pictures of flowers. RK aks why a mother hugs a child. She explains love and RK leaves.
Gia does pull ups. RK asks her what love is. She tells him to ask Jake. Jake is playing soccer with other boys. Robo Knight says there is nothing he can learn from him. He walks inside the high school and passes Mr. Burley and shocks him. He enters the computer lab and Noah sees him and he freaks out. Noah closes the door and tells him to be careful. He tells him that love has been written for years and it would take a lifetime to read. Robo Knight leaves to a library. Burley unboxes a telescope in his office.

RK leaves his morpher at the info desk because they say no cell phones. People try to figure out what coverage maps are, oops, that is a Verizon commercial. Robo Knight keeps freaking people out as he grabs books and sits to read them. I mean, its just a guy in a shiny suit. RK quickly reads through the books. Malkor attacks the city. The Rangers arrive and Malkor says they are finally meeting. Jake says how does he even spell his name. The fight ensues, he tosses them all aside.

They wonder where RK is. Back at the library, RK doesn't see the morpher calling him. he approaches a boy who is shocked to see him. RK asks what he is doing. The boy says he is listening to music. The Rangers cards weren't working because Malkor blocked it. Malkor leaves them. Gosei unblocks the block. RK and the boy listen to music together. Malkor faces all the people by appearing in the sky. Malkor is destroying the city. The Rangers face him at a rooftop.

He takes down Jake and Gia. Noah tries a water attack but Malkor throws it back at them. Pink and Red rise from it and fight him but go down. They try their Mega Blasters to no avail. Malkor does a Planet Strike attack, they all fall down from the building. Malkor keeps on saying it is the end. Up on the ship, Vrak beams him and the Rangers to another location. Troy says some speech about human spirit. They continue fighting but not leaving a scratch on Malkor. He does the Planet Strike again, they wriggle in pain on the floor. Troy stands up with another speech.

They best Malkor. Malkor says he doesn't know what is coming. Burley fixes his telescope and sees the Warship ship heading towards him. Vrak says he will crush the Earth with the ship. The Rangers try the Dynamic Victory Charge but it is a no go and they continue trying. Malkor calls the Zombats and eats one to become big. Vrak moves in with the ship. Burley worries. The Rangers form Gosei Great Megazord. They do a multi zord attack as Malkor launches his attack. The Zords are 'vaporized.' The cockpit short circuits. Vrak closes in with the ship.

The Rangers combine all the zords into one big card and make Malkor loose his wings. They use their Victory CHarge that moves him up into the ship and attacks both him and Vrak. Vrak says it is not how it was supposed to end. At the library, the Rangers spot RK and the boy who have become friends. RK wants to share what he learned, which was rap. He asks if something happened, they explained they saved the world.
Episode Review:
Just like "Who's Cryin' Now" and "Ultra Power" that eliminated Creepox and the mutants, there is no emotional attachment to the villains and no emotional stakes for the Rangers that it is seems empty and just footage galore. In this episode, it uses footage that Robo Knight was not in yet and Vrak didn't have Metal Alice yet so this ep has no Metal Alice. What the producers could had done was use footage of MA and RK fighting from another ep (it happened a lot in Goseiger) to fill in that time. The stuff with him and the kid was fine but there was no story there. Maybe if the boy showed more bewilderment to RK and asked his origins. A nice inclusion of Metal Alice would have been to have a short scene with Vrak and Metal Alice.

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