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Power Rangers Megaforce - Staying On Track - Episode Review

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The Rangers have the day off, they mud slide while Noah and Robo Knight play chess. RK is beating Noah but not really paying attention and doesn't get what having fun is. Jake wants a high five and teaches it to RK. RK does so and knocks Jake down and potato salad falls on his face. Back at the sea lab, Vrak says they should take the heroes down with their own technology. Metal Alice studies a train and has a plan. A father and son are wait for a woman in the train. Metal Alice enter the train operation office and breaks the controller. The conductor tells the mother on the train that they have to make an emergency stop.

 Metal Alice's plan is to cause chaos and conflict within humanity because of the faulty trains. The Rnagers morph. People get frustrated that the train will be delayed. The dad tells the kid to be patient. Metal Alice is stopped by the Rangers outside a power station. She fights them and Robo Knight questions her. She explains about glitching disrupting humans. Noah says it is her provocation. MA takes Noah down, saying humans should be slaves. She asks RK why he continues to be with them, he says she lacks compassion like them. The building explodes. MA exits. 

The Rangers track down MA. The boy goes to get a drink and bumps into RK and says how he misses his mom and explains hugs and missing people to RK. The boy leaves. MA is found by Troy and fight. They have 7 minutes until a bomb explodes. Troy goes down. Loogies fight Troy. Troy informs the others. RK sees the family and leaves. Tensou says it is a passenger train. MA stops RK and tells him that he is just a machine and that if he breaks, he will be thrown away.

MA teleports away, RK doesn't say anything. Meanwhile the Rangers go Ultra Mode.  Ultra Rangers fight Loogies, RK faces MA and fights her. MA says human feelings have no value and kicks RK butt. The Ultra Rangers defend him and say that they can't things with chaos, humans rise up to defend. The clock is ticking and Metal Alice knocks the five down. RK says that humans may be hard to understand but they appreciate their fellow friend, talking about a child missing his mother. He takes Metal Alice down after she says it is all nonsense.

Metal Alice has a trick under her sleeve, the bridge is destroyed, and the trains are about to crash. The Rangers get up. Gosei gives them new cards as they get the Gosei Jet. RK becomes Lion Zord, they call forth Gosei Jet, which as you may already knows resembles the Gosei Great Megazord. They save the train. Metal Alice uses the Zombats on herself and make herself big. Gosei Grand and Gosei Jet are formed. Metal Alice is mad her body is scarred (can't it be repaired like her leg?). They use the individual zords attacks like the crocodile and elephant. They use their Victory Charge.

The Jet Strike is the bird head flying out at them and she is 'destroyed.' She returns to the base, she says she failed. Vrak says there is more battles and tells her to repair herself. The train arrives safety and mother and son are reunited. Robo Knight waves at the boy and is surprised at this. The teens like this. RK has questions. Jake says to shoot and RK points his gun at Jake. Troy stops him and says he has a lot to learn.

Episode Review:
I love the lighting the New Zealand crew does for villain lairs, they did a good job at recreating the robot lab. They most likely did this to add the alien Vrak as in the footage he is cyborg. As for the ep, it is complex but explained in a simple manner and brings old topics back in a bold and vivid manner. Metal Alice does her old speech (well, its her third ep so it's not that old) on how Robo Knight is a robot and not human and humanity doesn't matter but brings a new twist to Robo Knight's future or possible dismantlement. The boy had an accent, which was just fine. The boy seemed to be in a little old to be missing his mommy but plenty kids, even teens can miss their mothers. People are belly-aching we only see Gosei Jet Megazord once but I think it had some good scenes. My nephew liked that it looked like Gosei Great and was surprised by the choices in animals.

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