Friday, November 15, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce - Human Factor - Episode Review

 Pictures are from my buddy Jay

The boys are playing soccer, the girls say how they are like their family. Emma looks at the city skyline and imagines how it was hundreds of years ago with mountains and grass. Gia gives her ice cream from ice cream truck. Meanwhile in an underwater base, Vrak creates Metal Alice, a robot to create more. Later she has created a new bot, he chops off her leg. She has the leg react. Vrak is proud and likes that she is indestructable. Emma takes pics of Gia. Jake is about to eat a popsicle when Emma has him take pictures of the two. Emma holds his ice cream. Jake backs up into a trash can and gets stuck. They get called, Emma ditches the pop, Gia helps Jake out of the can.

The Rangers face the bot, surprised it is not a monster. They morph and fight him. It becomes a wheel and hits them. They are blasted into a warehouse. He makes all magnetic things into a shield that protects him from the Rangers and he throws it at them. RK arrives. He is surprised he is a robot. The robot blasts Robo Knight back. The Rangers end up in chains and outside. Troy goes down. Jake and Gia free themselves and get knock down. They free Pink and Blue. Robo Knight calls Troy and lifts a car. Troy jumps and kicks the monster and then Jake frees him.

They talk about their mission. They go Ultra. Blue and Black fight him. Pink and Yellow fight and then Red destroys the shield. The five do their Ultra Sword Strike and destroy it.Metal Alice tells Vrak that she can fix the robot. Troy wonder what the change in tactic can be. RK says robots can be repaired. Metal Alice rebuilds the monster. Back at the Brain Freeze, Jake and Noah are concerned about Robo Knight and the robots. Troy says it could be a concern as he might identify with them. The new robot is upgraded and Metal Alice goes with them.

Ernie gives Jake sundaes and they get called once again. Troy whispers to Tensou and yet again Jake must say goodbye to his ice cream. The Rangers are shocked to see the robot back. Metal Alice arrives and introduces herself. Dynamic Victory Charge doesn't work on him. Metal Alice makes RK question what side he is on, saying humans ruined the Earth. Robo Knight leaves, saying he needs to process. The Rangers (Ultra Mode) fight the baddies in a cave.

 The Rangers are knocked down. Troy gets up and says he will turn them from metal to dust. Metal Alice turns her pad into a sword and takes down the five on her own. The minion bot knocks them out of Ultra Mode. RK arrives and says even though humans are illogical and stubborn, they are part of the Earth do, their good outweighs the bad and he won't join them. The Rangers go Ultra once again and RK calls his Dynamic card. They form a combo of their six weapons and attack both but Metal Alice jumps out. The robot is knocked out. Metal Alice teleports away.

 Vrak in his battle armor calls zombats to make the robot big. The Rangers call Gosei Ultimate while RK becomes Gosei Grand. RK gives the Rangers the 'honors' to finish off the monster and they use their Ultimate Strike to destroy Robox, who says Metal Alice will defeat them. Back on the rooftop with RK, the teens meet with him and thank them and glad he chose them. He says he protects the Earth and they are part of the Earth. Jake is glad about it. Noah says he is logical. Troy says RK is true a sixth Ranger. Emma and Noah says they have a lot of work to do. RK makes a joke.

 I like the writing in this, some of Metal Alice's lines are dripping with poignancy and irony (in the sense they could mean one thing but they mean another). The ice cream stuff with Jake was funny but Emma's environmentalism gets tiring. Robo Knight's own dilemmas aren't as annoying as they usually are, the voice actor has gotten better at having emotion in that robotic voice.

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