Friday, November 15, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce - Rico the Robot - Episode Review

Some pictures from my buddy Jay at Morphin Legacy
Malkor is surprised the other villains are gone, so he is going into a cocoon to be stronger and unbeatable. He disappears into a mist. Vrak calls him a fool. He says he turn to his royal family. He goes to his space ship and to his underwater base where is greeted by Metal Alice. Metal Alice and Loogies attack the city and the Rangers fight them. MA calls Robot R1C0 to them and commands he attack. He doesn't move. Metal Alice throws Rico the robot on an attack from them and she says he is failure. She disappears. The Rangers are surprised he was left behind. Robo Knight is about to attack him, she goes up to him and asks if he is all right.

Troy thinks they can't trust him. He doesn't seem to have weapons. Troy says to keep a close eye on him. Tensou is worried, Gosei is not. He thinks the robot can give intel to the teens about her plans. Noah checks on the robot, his mouth doesn't open. Jake is suspicious but the others are not. Emma wants to take him to the park, she decided to call him Rico. They play at the park. Emma says he is good, that she feels bad for him. Gia says they shouldn't feel for them like RK say. Emma says they should befriend him like they did with RK. She asks if she is crazy for doing it. Gia says Emma has a big heart.

They eat at a picnic. Rico says Jake likes Gia and Rico likes Emma. He wants to eat grapes but can't, he is different. Emma says just because they aren't the same, doesn't mean they can't be friends. They take a pic together and the light on his chest blinks. Noah checks out Rico's stats in the command cneter, the light is a sensor that Metal Alice can track him from. Tensou says they can't take it out. The Rangers say it is a setup, Emma doesn't think he is dangerous and then he disappears. The Rangers search for Rico who is in the forest. Emma finds him. Rico says it is bad for the Rangers.

 Emma wants to free him from MA and explains how. Later, the Rangers are morphed and want to blast the sensor on Rico. Emma is given the task which she hesitates. Jake and Gia make a barrier and the others make a tornado to absorb the explosion from the sensor. Robo Knight would freeze it after Emma hits it with lightning. She calls the lightning. Rico and Pink look at each other. Pink drops her Morpher and freaks out because it could be the end of Rico. Metal Alice arrives and rattles them. MA says that robots are driven by self preservation and logic. The Rangers go Ultra Mode.

Metal Alice upgrades R1C0 and makes him turn against them. RK is about to attack him, Emma stops it. The others try to hold him back. Pink holds him and tries talking sense to him, his arms lower. He then hits her and blasts her back. They all get blasted at. Troy says he doesn't want to fight him, even though his memories are destroyed. Noah says the sensor has to be destroyed. Jake and Gia restrain him and RK fights it. Emma stops them and then gets ready. RK freezes Rico. Noah and Troy create a tornado to make a narrow opening for Emma. 

She hits his sensor and he returns to normal. Zombats make him big and she uses backup energy to make him bad again. The Rangers say they have no choice but to destroy him. They call upon their zords. Rico doesn't want to, he refuses. Metal Alice tries to self-destruct him but it doesn't work. Emma says she will save him. She calls Gosei Ultimate. She jumps inside. Metal Alice is about to destroy him but Robo Knight stops him. Rico holds unto Gosei Ultimate and flies away. Rico remembers her. Rico lets go and thanks her. Emma cries. MA leaves and says he failed, Vrak says she won't accept another failure. Back at the park, the Rangers play. A small photo montage is shown.

 I like that we got another Emma episode on the second half of this season, as the females usually don't get much focus. She does as she is the 'heart' of the group. This episode is similar to the Goseiger source. I like how the Rangers turn against Emma in some manner that they don't completely agree with her. Conflict within the team is better than them being all lovey-dovey all the time. I like how in this episode unlike other Power Rangers episode that has a Ranger defending a defected monster (MMPR, PRTF, PRMF, etc.), Rico escapes without consequences. This one is changed from Goseiger ending but without new footage.

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