Friday, August 15, 2014

New Members for Power Force

UPDATE 9/10/14
A couple months ago, the members of Power Force were asked to renew their contracts and two declined. I will not say who they were but some people already know and can deduce by checking the official websites. A couple months later we were asked to select three nominees, three fans that had to have certain requirements. The requirements are they must be a highly passionate Power Rangers fan, must have a wealth of knowledge about the Power Rangers franchise and must have a strong online presence through a blog, social media, and/or forums with a dedicated following and or readership. With those requirements (which most fans fit 2 out of 3), not everyone fit all three. So out of the three I picked, one was selected. In all NINE were selected and I do not know why or anything like that. Neither do I know who in the existing group picked nor why. The only one I picked that was selected was Eric Berry who won the contest. I met The2ndBatgirl in passing before and I can't wait to meet Eric Berry at PMC I am planning to go. Congrats to all the new members!
Here are the new members, which round out to 25:
He is the owner of TokuNation and host of Talkin Toku Podcast.
Eric Berry is host of and Co-host of
She owns Power Rangers Recaps. She is the second female Power Force member, first is Lisa J of No Pink Spandex.
 Hassan Ahmed is a toy reviewer on YouTube:
Brian Dagley owns which mostly deals with Sentai.
Jacob Brode does videos on YouTube

He does video reviews on YouTube

She makes YouTube videos, she is the third female which is great!

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