Saturday, October 18, 2014

Power Rangers Super Megaforce - All Hail Prince Vekar - Episode Review

  Episode Summary:
 Vekar gets a new Megazord. Gosei gives the Rangers a day off. Jake wants the Sky Ship, Gosei is not for it, Jake convinces him by saying that if there is an emergency and Gosei agrees. Vekar wants to pilotthe megazord but Damaras is not for it. He says Vrak always hogged the glory and that he will prove his father wrong. He remembers Emperor Malkar telling Damaras that Vekar is a blunder and that he must look after him. The Rangers have a picnic on the ship, get attacked by Argus and X-Borgs. They go to Super Mega mode quickly and fight the X-Borgs. Blue fights Argus, he goes down. They use Super Mega Cannon to take down X-Borgs and some red Bruisers arrive called Royal Guards.

The Rangers go down. Blue fights Argus in the warehouse. Orion becomes Wolf Warrior and defeats one Royal Guard (but apparently the other is down too). Argus energizes his solar slash, Blue does a similar move and they cancel each other, making a huge explosion. The Rangers come to Blue's aid. Vekar meets with Argus and teases the Rangers. Orion points at Vekar, saying he destroyed his planet. Vekar blows him off. Vekar has Levira launch the Megazord. Armada Megazord launches from the ship and Vekar enters it.

The Rangers summon their own Megazords. They call Turbo Falcon. Armada Megazord zips around. They use the Dino Thunder keys to combine the Megazords. Armada Megazord beats them up. Vekar sends a finisher and zaps them. Red says to abandon them. The others are ejected, Noah in a quarry and Orion and the others at a park. The zords split up and the Sky Ship crashes.

Argus is sent against the Rangers, Noah defeats him. Vekar returns, the six Rangers reunite and fight Megazord vs Megazord. Gosei gives them more power and they combine Q-Rex, Turbo Falcon and Legendary to make the Ultimate Legendary Megazord. The Armada Megazord and Vekar are destroyed. The Rangers aboard the Sky Ship celebrate. Troy isn't so sure. Jake is positive. Damaras hauls Vekar out and vows revenge.

Episode Review:

I know even though Jason Smith (Casey/Jungle Fury Red) wrote the episode, he might had not had a choice with omitting the other Extra Heroes. In the original Gokaiger, Red became Wolf Warrior, Silver became Magna Defender, Pink became Kat Ranger, Yellow become Sentinel Knight and Green become Blue Senturion. But in this ep, Silver became Wolf Warrior which I think was a mistake. They probably thought they were Sixth Rangers and only Orion can become Sixths but this was a major mistake. Because we don't see the Extra Heroes at all because of this. We get more pre-Zyurangers. By the count of episodes aired in the US, we miss 4 Rangers they don't transform to.

The overall episode was just going through the motions. Noah had no connection to Argus, unlike his Gokaiger counterparts. And Troy's 'sacrifice' was in vain because it wasn't too much like Troy and he was fine, without a scratch.

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