Saturday, February 21, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge - A Fool's Hour - Episode Review

Pics thanks to Ranger Command PH
 Episode Summary:
Sledge is mad at Fury for not catching Keeper in 65 Million years. A monster tries escaping and Sledge brings it down. His name is Scrapper, he will give him his freedom if he gets en Energem. Riley pracirces with tennis balls in the base. Chase works on his skate board. Shelby arrives, Tyler is a busboy. Shelby doesn't wan to work. Kendall says they have to blend in with the others and no suspect to be Rangers. Koda comes out of the cave shirtless. Kendall explains he is a caveman, kept alive by his Energem, they won't age. They look a Petroglyphs. Tyler sees Fury, he recognizes him from his dad's journal and Riley says he fought him for his Energem. Kendall says someone is entering the Earth. The Rangers run off.
They meet Poisandra, Scrapper, Wrench and Sledge who flies in. Sledge laughs at them. Koda tells Tyler that Fury is above. Fury and Sledge signal each other. Keeper arrives and tells Sledge the gems aren't his. Sledge rode an asteroid to Earth. He leaves the Rangers on their own. Tyler is distracted when they have to morph. Poisandra runs off, the Rangers fight the Viviks. Black fights Scrapper and de-morphs. Koda de-morphs after 'caveman strength.' Shelby and Riley de-morphs after fighting Wrench. Red de-morphs after fighting Sledge. The villains run off, giving them an hour. Koda asks how long an hour is. Riley wants a plan. Tyler wants to go after Fury, the others think he wants a vendetta so they want to work as a team. Tyler runs off. Chase thinks they got to do it without him.
Tyler goes after Fury, who smells 'human'. Sledge calls him over, saying that Scrapper is going to blow up their base as he is following them. Tyler tries warning them by contacting Kendall with his buckle communicator but no use. The Rangers enter the Dino mouth and Scrapper and Tyler appear. Scrapper hitches a ride to a truck. Tyler goes into his jeep and follows him. Scrapper gets in his spaceship which Tyler knocks back. He calls Vivicks and Tyler morphs. Kendall has made Dino Steel, an armor for them. She tells them of the monster attack. Wrench arrives and cries. Tyler de-morphs. The other Rangers blast at the monsters. Chase castates Tyler. Tyler explains the plot. They all morph.
They say "Armor On" and call Dino Steel. The Vivizords are called. Chase uses his Para Chopper. Riley uses his Raptor Slash against Wrench. Shelby uses Tricera Drill and Koda uses Stego Shield. Shelby calls her zord to destroy the Vivizord. She calls the zords a 'she.' Koda says to combine zords. They take down Scrapper, he is made bigger with the Magnabeam and Tyler calls his T-Rex Zord. Rexie fights Scrapper. Kendall tells Koda to call the StegoZord. The three zords combine to make the Dino Charge Megazord. Red, Pink and Blue enter the cockpit (which is new footage not from Kyoryuger but the cockpit is similar). Later, Chase apologizes to Tyler for thinking he abadon the team. Tyler apologizes too. Shelby complains again about working even though they are Rangers. Tyler flips a burger, which Koda eats and then spits out, which grosses the others out.
Episode Review:
Okay, if the Energems make people live forever like Koda, why wasn't he fighting as a Ranger for all these years and why he didn't learn English and know how long an hour is? I mean, I would buy it if he froze for all those years. Also, if Sledge is such a badass mofo, why didn't he kill Fury, for not getting the Keeper in all those 65 millions of years? I do like how Keeper has seem to age. I did like some of the jokes like Chase saying he would look 'this good forever and Shelby made a joke. When this ep aired, I was driving my car and got a call from my nephew, he told me some of the play-by-play of the episodes and I almost cried. Cried from happiness. Now I know why Yoshi (Koda) has been working out so much, with a shirtless scene in this ep. And how  can Poisandra and Sledge still not be married in 65 Million years? Why he never collected the bounty on his monsters?--- if he is a Bounty Hunter? I don't like they use the old Samurai background music. Also, I don't like how Keeper said "Ancient Dinosaurs" if they are clearly older than the dinosaurs, also Scrapper saying "Pre-historic" when that is relative to the Earth, not his history. 


T.K. said...

Kudos for a much better contrived scenario this week to explain Tyler being separated from the others to make use of solo Red Kyoryuger footage. Unlike Episode 2's, it flowed logically and actually contributed to character development for Tyler and Chase.

Double kudos for the new Megazord cockpit. It's a tremendous improvement on Kyoryuger's and a clear sign that Chip and Co. are committed to taking care of the details - and ignorance of said details is one of the big reasons Megaforce suffered so horribly.

Demerits for the explanation for Koda surviving to the present day being the Energems halting the aging process, though. While it's interesting for this show, it also means the Rangers won't keep their powers when it's all said and done, which is always a no bueno move with me. I'd rather have had Koda just get frozen.

Anonymous said...

I agree, so far the thing that I hated the most about Dino Charge is the old generic Samurai background music. Would've been great if they composed new ones.

twells said...

Why didn't Koda learn English if he's 100,000 years old?


English isn't 100,000 years old. It's not even 10,000 years old.

Moreover, if he's in the US, then his earliest contact with "english" would have been 250 years ago--and that would have been with just pilgrims with Old English accents and terminology. Even a pilgrim from that time would have a hard time understanding how you speak now.

But really, the first dino fossils were recoverd in the 1800s, that's just 200 years ago--real advancements and funding in that field didn't occur into the 1900s, only a hundred years ago, which is most likely when Koda could have been contacted/discovered. So at best, Koda has 100 years of exposure to 100s of different modern languages that exist today. Considering all of that, he speaks pretty damn well.

Plus caveman brain.

Lavender Ranger said...

True, Twells, I forgot they said they 'found him'. Sure, if they found him recently, then yes I guess English is new. It is so vague that I thought that if he had been alive and walking around, then he would learned English 200 years ago.

Unknown said...

I'm confused as to why Tyler is considered the leader when it should be Chase.Not only has Chase possessed his Energem for far longer (I assume 1 year) but, when in a pinch, he puts the team first.

Tyler, however, seems to act on vengeance for his father rather than considering the others. Sure, Tylers intuition proved correct BUT that was luck.

It kinda feels like Taylor and Cole from Wild Force all over again. While Taylor was allowed to act as leader for a time, it was taken from her the second Cole showed up. We see that Chase has been teaching Koda the ropes of being a modern day man in one episode. Should Chase also be in charge of training Tyler, Shelby and Riley since they're new and he's seasoned??