Saturday, March 7, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge - Breaking Black - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:
Chase is cooking but reading a phone, Shelby takes his hamburger before he finished it and when she is about to take an order, she finds Chase flirting. The grill goes on fire and he runs to fix his problem. Kendall an the others berate him. He promises to pay more attention.. Moana arrives and he hugs her. She says she needs help. She had a vision that someone will steal from her. She is a Maori fortune teller from New Zealand, she needs him to guard it. She says the police think she is crazy, she knows about the Dino Gem. Apparently her shop is in the same town (lots of Kiwis in this town). She leaves her shop in his hand. He spends most of the time goofing off. A new monster arrives when Chase is sleeping. He gets one item that will put Rangers under his control, he puts it on and puts a spell on Chase. Chase runs after the foe on the skateboard and calls the others.
 He morphs and finds him in a warehouse. He has a weird feeling again. Inside the warehouse, he introduces himself as SpellBinder and they fight. The other Rangers arrive and call for Dino Steel. Koda says his cape is hard like rock. Chase tries shooting SpellBinder but he puts Red in the way. Spellbinder commands Black to shoot his friend, Chase can't control himself. Chase lets go of the morpher. Spellbinder won't let go Red. Green gets him off and he runs of. Black doesn't want to tell them whats going on. Sledge locks SpellBinder in solitary. He tells him that Chase is under his spell but it is slow to work. He gives him one chance. The Rangers tell Kendall about her about the cape. She gives them a new charger, that uses all 5 Rangers to activate it, it is called Dino Spike. Keeper detects the spell on Chase, he says the board calms him down. He needs to speak to the lady. Koda calls it black magic. Chase says she is on their side.
Chase gets up, he blames himself. Keeper gives him advice, saying to learn from his mistakes. Moana tells the others to destroy the pendant, because Chase will turn against him. Moana says if he can focus, Shelby says he cannot focus, Moana tells them a story. A while ago, when she was going to close up her shop and Chase ran after her baby carriage on his skateboard. Chase saved what seem to be a baby from a truck, it was actually a cat. He was surprised he risked his life for a cat but was nice to Moana. She gives him something for his bravery which is the Black Energem. It glowed when he touched it and bonded with him. Koda says it was easy for him, that he was frozen in a glacier for thousands of years. They get call from Kendall. Elsewhere, the Rangers confront SpellBinder, Wrench and Curio.
 The Rangers civilian-fight the trio after the commercial break. Tyler wants to use the Dino Spike. Spellbinder hypnotizes the boys. Chase arrives and is under SpellBinder's command. He wants Shelby to be destroyed. He points the Dino Morpher on Shelby. She throws a skateboard under him and the spell seems to fade from his eyes. He is back to normal for a moment and shoots SpellBinder's pendant. The spell comes off the others. The five reunite. The Rangers morph and put the Dino Steel on. They fight SpellBinder in the warehouse. They call the Dino Spike, number 13 and combines they weapons and use the Dino Spike Final Strike, destroying the monster. The monster is made to grow.
Chase calls for Para Zord, which comes from an unexplained castle. T-Rex, Para Zord and Raptor Zord combine to make Dino Charge Megazord Pararaptor formation and destroy the SpellBinder with a fireball. On the Sledge ship, Sledge says he could've gotten 20,000 something money. He got the pendant back and there might be some magic in it. He tells Wrench to save it. Moana and Chase reunite and hug. Koda tells him to clean the museum floor, Shelby says she'll do it. Chase has a plan, he gets on his skateboard to do it. Shelby tells Koda it is his day to clean floor. Koda says he needed it.
Episode Review:
A play on the show title "Breaking Bad"? Ugh. Well, I guess it could be an in-joke as Bryan Cranston (of Breaking Bad) voiced monsters in the first season. I like the bond between Chase and Moana. I like Moana. It was a cute and well-done episode. I know that Parazord comes out of England in Kyoryuger but it is not explained here in Dino Charge. I liked the International aspect in Kyoryuger, it is hinted upon in Dino Charge but not really explored. I would had liked if it got a mention where the zords are and what exactly they are (robots or the old dinos). I hope I don't get shot for this comment but I feel Brennan Mejia's readings are a little stiff and stale. I know he has acting experience. Maybe it's just my imagination.

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