Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Last round of Ranger Keys found and posted this. I don't know who posted these first. Anyway, the last group of keys (Operation Overdrive B, Wild Force B, Jungle Fury B, Samurai B, Dino Thunder B, In Space B, and Time Force B) have been spotted at Toys R Us. Not sure where but hopefully they will be all over the US by the end of the month.
  I am not so happy because I am not finished finding Ninja Storm B and Lost Galaxy B of the first round. Also, all of these suck because they are missing Rangers to complete teams. Operation Overdrive doesn't have pink, Wild Force doesn't have white, Samurai doesn't have Yellow (No word yet if the Red is female or male), Time Force has no Yellow, In Space has no Pink and Jungle Fury has no Spirit Rangers, Dai Shi nor Camile but we already knew that.

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