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Power Rangers Dino Charge: Breakout DVD Review

I received this from Lionsgate Home Entertainment in exchange for a review. Thanks to them and Click Communications. 
Saban's POWER RANGERS DINO CHARGE: BREAKOUT, which arrives on DVD (plus Digital), Digital HD, 
and On Demand July 12 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

Year of Production: 2015
Title Copyright: ™ and © 2015 SCG Power Rangers LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Type: TV on DVD
Rating: TV-Y7
Genre: Action/Adventure, TV Series, Children, Superhero
Closed-Captioned: English
Subtitles: None
Run Time: 92 minutes  
DVD Format: 16x9 Widescreen (1.78:1)
DVD Audio Status: English 5.1 Dolby Digital; French and Spanish 2.0 Dolby Digital

The DVD menu has Play All option, Episodes Languages and Trailers which includes Super Megaforce Complete Season, Super Samurai Complete Season, Megaforce, and Dino Charge.

When Logic Fails
The Rangers discuss the different motives of Fury, Sledge and Poisandra. Tyler is confused and Riley clarifies it with marbles, that they are all seeking the same end. Chase is attacked and loses the pizza. The bad guys revel in that they have the charger and broke the tracker. Fury goes down with a new monster and Wrench. The new monster Puzzler takes hold of an abandoned building. Puzzler makes the place into a maze for the Rangers to get lost in. They get split up and can't escape. Riley sneaks a peak in a room where Wrench is trying to help Fury and he sees gold energy trying to escape, confirming what Tyler saw in the last ep. Riley comes out at the top of the building and finds Puzzler.
Riley plays Chess with Puzzler and alerts the Rangers and they find their ways out through vents. When they fight Puzzler when big, Fury busts out Pterazord. The Rangers fight the Pterazord and Puzzler and destroy Puzzler. Sledge becomes buddy-buddy with Fury with his success with the Pterazord. Tyler and Riley discuss the gold energy he saw in Fury.

The Royal Rangers
Riley puts a sign for the Treasures of Zandar, a display at the museum. Kendall has made Dino Drive mode which is only in the zords because Fury has the Pterazord.  Riley says years ago, sir Irving helped a young prince on horses and when they stopped for water, Ivan spotted something shiny. The Rangers find the Pterazord attacking the city and Koda and Chase call their zords Stegazord and Parazord to fight against it. Fury forms the Ptera Charge Megazord. Tyler forms Megazord Para-Stego formation. The Rangers enter the cockpit without morphing. Kendall says to use the Dino Drive mode which they do. Ptera Charge Megazord forms a blast and the Stego Shield holds it for a bit.

Pter Charge is running out of power, Para Zord blasts him and he retreats. At night, the Rangers rummage through the Zandar stuff and find the Gold Energem. Keeper welcomes it back, saying it is bonded to the Pterdactyl, Meanwhile Wrench powers up the Dino Charger with the gold energy from Fury, which is now blocking the energy transfer. The Dino Charger is not half charged. On the other side of the ship, Poisandra and Curio watch a gossip TV show called Glitz World about a prince going to the show. Shelby comes in a princess dress. Kendall offers to do it, until Shelby sees how great Tyler looks and then she changes her mind. Shelby kisses Tyler which makes him blush. Shelby sees Julian drawing and she takes the drawing and says she has to have it for the castle, in order to make him famous--which seems to works. Fury attacks and slashes off the Energem from Shelby.

Fury summoned the Ptera Charge and climbs in.  Kendall has it activate and it launches Fury out as it was a fake. Kendall tells them to get Chargers. The Rangers morph and fight the Viviks. Chase gives Tyler the Para Chopper and he combine them to make T-Rex Chopper and fights Fury. Tyler demands the charger and he is about to give it to him but he glows with gold energy. Tyler de-morphs and refuses to destroy Fury. Tyler thinks it is his dad inside of Fury. Fury and the Spikeballs leave in their spaceships. Later at the Dino Museum, Julian is on the phone about his art in London and he thanks Shelby. Meanwhile, Tyler looks at a pic of his dad. Kendall walks in and says he had to chance to destroy Fury and asks what happened. Riley says he wouldn't do it, the others say he made the right choice until he knows. Tyler thinks Fury captured his dad ten years ago. Keeper tells him it is never a mistake, they can't destroy him until they free the person inside.

Sledge is mad at Fury that the Pteracharge Megazord is loosing power and wants a solution. Kendall is doing a presentation on the stone of Zandar, continuing the story Riley started last time about Sir Ivan finding the gold energem. He and a young prince get attack by a monster in a coat. The prince got knocked out but kept the gemstone. Ivan and the monster disappeared afterwards. Men in suits arrive and Koda sees them in a tree. Chase wants the exhibit to be over so they can lock up the gem. Prince Phillip has them 'collect the treasures' and calls out Tyler and Shelby as impostors. They leave. Viviks and space ships follow the royal caravan. Ships attack and shoot fire, the caravan stop in a location, the men run out to fight Fury, Poisandra, Curio, Wrench and Viviks. Philip and Fury meet. Koda tackles Fury down and fights him. The others arrive and fight Viviks. Philip watches them fight. Chase shoots Viviks with his morpher and Riley fights them with his sword. Koda protects the prince and uses a hubcap to deflect an attack. Koda and Philip roll down a hill and run to safety in the forest. Koda sniffs around. Phillip asks why he would risk his life. Koda says people have goodness inside, even mean princes. Fury takes the energem. Philip thinks about the monster who attack Ivan, it turns out Fury was the monster that attacked Ivan and Prince Colin.

 The others attack Fury and he leaes, they help Philip and Koda. Kendall says Fury called the Pteracharger. The Rangers run off. The bad guys look through the treasures. Philip watches the Rangers morph. Fury calls Pterazord. T-Rex and Tyler arrive and make the zord retreat. He puts the Dino Stretch Charger in T-Rex, to stretch his neck and take out the Pterazord. They fight the bad guys. Shelby gives Riley her drill. Fury and Red fight. Green fights Curio and Poisandra. Koda fights the two blue monsters. Fury attacks Red. Red returns the favor with T-Rex smash. The gold energem glows and the gold energy tries coming out of him. Tyler thinks it is his dad. The man escape and there is an explosion, that de-morphs the Rangers and knocks Fury down. Tyler runs to the figure and finds he is Sir Ivan and is shocked he is not his dad. Philip says this is impossible. Ivan transforms into the Gold Ranger. The Rangers are shocked. He shoots down and fights Viviks. He calls the Pterasaber to fight Poisandra and Curio, burning them out. Wrench tries fighting him but is quickly dispatched. He fights the Blue monsters. The blue monsters are made big, Gold Ranger goes in the Ptercharge Megazord and fights the two blue monsters. He destroys him. They all greet the Gold Ranger. He bows to Philip, he knows the bloodline. Ivan was captured for 800 years. The Rangers show their Energem. Chase explains the Energem story. Philip gives back the Energem, Ivan nods. Philip lives in his caravan, he says he is humbled by Koda. Ivan leaves, saying he wants to see the world.

Knight After Knights
Fury is in trouble with Sledge for loosing the Pterazord, especially when the new monster Bones takes away his backbone and he runs away. In the hideout, Riley introduces the Ptera Saber to Ivan and Kendall show the charger. Tyler wish Ivan was his dad. Koda and Shelby cheer him up. Riley and Chase show Ivan that his gem goes in the cave and he leaves. Riley says he is part of his team. He says he is not part of his team, he can't make a decision so hastily. The five Rangers fight Poisandra, Curio, Bones and Viviks. Bones beats up the Rangers individually. Gold Ranger arrives and beats up Bones. Chase is slightly jealous. He leaves. Shelby follows Ivan and tells him that he was responsibility. He says they have to prove their worth. She says they saved him from Fury, and that is proof enough. He says he should reconsider. The boys meanwhile are walking and get attacked by Bones who steals Chase's courage/backbone. Shelby and Ivan arrive to find the four scared of Curio. Shelby tells them that it is not who they are. The three baddies retreat and Ivan leaves too. Shelby forces the other Rangers inside the cave. 

Ivan collects people he thinks are brave enough to be Knights, not understanding the modern world. Sledge punishes Bones for returning without all six backbones and energems. The girls deal with the scaredy-cat boys and figure Ivan is heading towards Bones. Shelby leaves. Ivan faces the baddies with his "Knights of Amber Beach" which Poisandra doesn't take seriously. Viviks arrive and they run off. Ivan fights the Viviks on her own which the woman of advance age continues screaming. Keeper gives the four guys a pep talk, he took a symbol but not their actual courage. Their backbone symbols return.Pink Ranger arrives in her cycle and blasts Viviks. Ivan notices her courage. She de-morphs. The others arrive and Poisandra and Curio leave. The six morph. Gold Ranger flies and then attacks the monster with his Ptera Saber. Pink says he has found his knights. She puts his Ptera Charger in her morpher and they do a double-attack to take down Bones. Sledge makes Bones grow. PteraCharge Megazord is formed. Gold activates his Dino Drive Mode. The basic Dino Charge Megazord is formed and the five Rangers get Dino Drive Mode and they fight Bones. Bones is destroyed by both. Later, Knight tells the gang a story about the energem. Fury attacked and he pushed the Prince Colin out of the way. The Energem was knocked away. The energem boned him with the spirit of the Pterdactyl. Fury swallows Ivan into his body. The energem then bounced off into Colin's possession. Ivan gets distracted by a burger. 

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