Friday, July 1, 2016

Lavender Ranger's Editorial: My Ideas for 7 Power Ranger movies

At first I didn't like the idea of 7 movies, it looked like too many but then I thought it through the first three seasons of Power Rangers and it could work. Included here are fan drawings I drew. Some of it wrote itself.

"Power Rangers: Green With Evil"
Like I said it writes itself, Everyone expects Tommy and the Green Ranger to appear in the sequel. The basic plot can be Rita recruiting Tommy to be the Green Ranger and giving him the Dragonzord or maybe it can be a mission to get it. The new kid outcast Tommy could be believed to be delinquent but in reality it is not so simple. Instead of being on a spell, maybe Rita convinces him to rebel.

Third Movie
"Power Rangers: Burning At Both Ends"
Title refers to the Green Candle. So Tommy has joined the team and Rita takes away Tommy's powers with the use of the Green Candle. The Rangers receive Titanus and form Ultrazord. It can deal with the struggle between Tommy and loosing his powers. Also, it can be like in the new Boom Comics (above) where Rita is haunting Tommy.

Fourth Movie
"Power Rangers: The Mutiny"
It writes itself. Lord Zedd takes over for Rita, banishes her. Zordon transforms the Ranger's Zords into Thunderzords. Tommy still struggles with his powers, Zordon gives him a power boost but ultimately, he looses his powers due to Lord Zedd. He chooses to leave town and the Rangers miss him.

Fifth Movie
"Power Rangers: White Light"
Rita returns and puts a love spell on Zedd and they marry. Zordon disappears and the Rangers are worried, they get suspicious. Billy searches the command center to find Zordon is working on a White Ranger. The Rangers wonder if it is a new guy and are upset it is not Tommy. But in the end, of course it is Tommy. 

Sixth Movie
"Power Rangers: Ninja Quest"
Rita's menacing brother Rito arrives and the Rangers go on a quest to find Ninjor after the Thunderzords are destroyed. It can be different from the original movie with other twists. 

Seventh Movie
"Power Rangers: The Decisive Moment"
I couldn't come up with a good title. This one Rita's father Master Vile arrives and takes one of the Rangers hostage, Lord Zedd convinces the Rangers to pilot his evil Shogun Zords in return for the Ranger. 

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Unknown said...

I like you're ideas, but i think 7 movies to adapt 3 seasons of mighty morphin is just too much. I think 3 movies for that would be okay. The other 4 can be adaptations of Zeo and In Space! The Final movie can be the final battle just like countdown to destruction (I doubt they would adapt Turbo again).