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SPOILERS Thoughts on upcoming Beast Morphers episode #beastspoilers

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In the UK they are showing all the episodes of season 2 of Beast Morphers daily. So now they arrived to the last episodes (Episodes 9-22). They are almost done with the season. Here are my thoughts on it.
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I'm talking about episodes "Evox Snare" to "Grid Connection" and including "Making Bad" (Episodes 9-13, 22) This is supposing they have watched those episodes or know what happens in them.

These episodes have incorporated canon, continuity, and connections from past episodes and past seasons. It has now been established that the Rangers had a class or workshop called"Ranger History" in Grid Battleforce. And Roxy and Blaze are avatars (sort of clones) with memories of the Ranger History. So in a way, the Beast Morphers team are at a disadvantage because they are evenly matched with Roxy and Blaze whom know villain history. Even "Intruder Alert!" and "The Greater Good" that don't have Rangers or Villains returning, it mostly had the metal hero Gavan (Here called Chaku) but also incorporates the Ranger weapons vault (which some fans have pointed out how Nate could've gotten SPD weapons if they are from 2025) introduced in "Evox Snare." Some people have complained about the addition of Gavan into BM being he is not originally of Super Sentai but Metal Heroes. I like the incorporation of the Metal Heroes in the latest Power Rangers because they get at least some introduction to Western Audiences.

In a way, the second half of the second season has become "Power Rangers Sliders" with Rangers and characters coming from different dimensions and tying in concepts from other seasons and shows. I like how they also incorporated character development for the main characters. Like in "Finders Keepers," Zoey learning a lesson. Also, Nathan thinking of his parents into "The Greater Good." This ties into unused ideas from Amit Bhaumik, a writer for Wild Force, was to have a Ranger Academy where Rangers learned from past teams and studied history and whatnot. I think that was for the legended Hexagon season he proposed for "Ninja Storm." One negative thing I did not like from these episodes was how the BM Rangers were quick to attack allies they didn't know. The Rangers attacked Chaku, thinking him to be a villain and Zoey snapped a control brace unto Keeper.

People have complained about the different voiceovers used in "Making Bad" and it is because the BM producers didn't have individual audio tracks of old episodes to incorporate into these episodes. For me, if they couldn't use original voices, they should've not used the clips at all. The interesting thing of that episode is it is a clip show like the other Saban Brands/Nick shows but clips from past seasons. It kind of kills the magic for me. But it is what it is. We can complain for years and years and then other can complain about the complaints. I like the effort regardless of incorporating these concepts and cameos from Dr. K, Dino Charge Rangers, and finally, Jason.

This would've been great if it was the entire second season, it would've spiced it up a bit. It would be great if there was a whole series that was like this with props, cameos, and shoutouts--maybe even character development for older characters like Eric, Jen and Ransik in "Reinforcements from the Future" in Wild Force. Again like I said, "Power Rangers Sliders." Going into different dimensions and time periods, sort of like the Power Rangers comic and a little bit of Hyperforce.

I will elaborate more on these episodes once they air in the US but for now, I will say they get A in effort and maybe a B in execution in some episodes and C in some ("Making Bad") and A in one or two. After "Grid Connection," I expect past references will be gone and things will return back to how they were in the first half of season two to finish off the season. Now that has been clarified by new EP Simon Benett on Twitter that he and Chip Lynn are working closely together on Dino Fury, we will see how that turns out. 

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