Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Lightning Collection #3 Survey: Rangers Results


Here are the results from one of the surveys that got 28 responses. Some results were not surprising and some really were. For example, Sentinel Knight was the surprise winner for PROO. Also, Kat Ranger beat out the other SPD Rangers. Also Ziggy and Gemma tied for RPM. Also surprising Mick and Preston tied. Not so surprising was Jen of Time Force and Lauren of Samurai. Thanks to those who participated!!!

Which type of MMPR teams would you want a member of?
Ninja Rangers got the most at 42.9%

Which of the following Mighty Morphin Rangers would you want? 
Kat Pink Ninja Ranger got 16 votes while Aisha Yellow Ranger got 15 votes. 

Which Saban Era Ally would you want most? 
Ninjor and Aquitar Rangers got 20 votes each.

Which Aquitar Ranger would you want most?
Delphine got 75%

Which Zeo Ranger would you want most?
Katherine got 60%

Which Turbo Ranger would you want most?
Phantom Ranger got 50%

Which Space Ranger would you want the most?
Zhane got 28%

Which Lost Galaxy Ranger would you want the most?
Kendrix got 32%

Which Lightspeed Rescue Ranger would you want most?
Ryan got 78%

Which Time Force Ranger would you want most?
Jen got 55%

Which Wild Force Ranger would you want most? 
Merrick got 35%

Which Allies of the Disney Era would you want the most? 
Doctor K got 64%

Which Ninja Storm Ranger would you want most?
Cam won with 42%

Which Dino Thunder Ranger would you want most?
Kira won with 42%

Which SPD Ranger would you want most? Pick one.
Kat Ranger won with 35%

Which Mystic Force Ranger would you want?
Udonna won with 40%

Operarion Overdrive
Sentinel Knight got 44%

Jungle Fury
RJ and Camille tied with 32% each

Gemma and Ziggy tied with 25% each

Lauren Red won with 82% in selecting more than one Samurai Ranger

Samurai Rangers
Lauren won with 71%

Neo Saban Allies
Steel (robo mode) won with 50%

Megaforce Rangers
Robo Knight won with 53%

Super Megaforce Rangers
Gia got 21%

Dino Charge Rangers (Select One)
Kendall got 39%

Which Dino Charge Rangers would you want? Select more than one.
Heckyl Dark Ranger got 85%

Ninja Steel (Select More than One)
Preston won with 21%

Ninja Steel (Select One)
Preston and Mick tied with 25% each

Beast Morphers
Zoey got 42%

Power Rangers 2017
Rita won with 425

Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion won with 57%

Blue Senturion and Senturion Cycle and Jen and her Vector cycle tied for 28% each

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