Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Poll Results

When asking "Hypothetical: What 'IF' Haim Saban took over Power Rangers again?" The options were "Hope it Happens" which got 175 out of 330. "As long as PR Continues, I'm Happy" got 129 out of 330, 39%. "I Hate the Idea" got the lowest votes at 26 out of 330, making it about 7%. So a resounding 53% would think it would be awesome if Haim Saban took over the franchise. Let's hope it happens.

Would You Pay for a ticket for a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 'Reimagining' Moive? Which means, would you buy a ticket to go to the theaters and watch a movie in which they re-do completely the first season of MMPR. Just the idea, no details like cast or whatever. I was just wondering. And 88 out of 111, 79% voted YES and 23 (20%) voted No.

Out of the last poll on my now defunct blog Caramelitos Varoniles (as of May 2011), Matthew Mullins won, getting 41 votes out of 128. Christopher Foley (Drew) was second, getting 22 out of 128, 17%. Scott Bailey (JTC) was third with 19 votes and Stephen Lunsford, the lead, got 18 votes. New guy Michael Cardelle (Chris) got 12, Tony Moras (Incisor) got 9 and Keith Stone (Torque) got 7. There is a new poll up on that blog, pitting the remaining Kamen RIders with Mike Moh and Tony Sano, the ones playing the Cho Brothers.

Also by the way, I put more voting days for the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight toy poll, asking which one you would get. Also, I got a new poll on if you would want a female Red, female Green, female Black, or male Pink Ranger, forget if Power Rangers continues or not. It also applies to Super Sentai.

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